Financial assistance, loan options available to HSTA members

Resources and support from trusted partners and local financial institutions

The coronavirus pandemic has taken a heavy financial toll on many Hawaii families, our members included. With all that is going on, bills still need to be paid, groceries purchased, and basic needs met. Many individuals and families may also experience changes to employment that can affect household income.

The Hawaii State Teachers Association has compiled a list of financial resources and assistance programs, including emergency loans, available through our local financial institutions.

Please click on the name of the financial institution for more information about these offers.

HawaiiUSA Federal Credit Union

  • Emergency relief loan 
    • No payment for the first 90 days of the loan
    • Fixed 4.00% APR 
    • Terms up to 48 months 
    • No fees - annual, transactional, penalty or prepayment 
  • Defer payment for existing term loans and lines 
  • Increase signature line of credit 

Hawaii State Federal Credit Union

  • Emergency assistance loan
    • 0% interest rate and no payments for the first 3 months (e.g., if loan is paid off within three months, there is no interest accrual).
    • Subsequent interest rate of 8.000% for the remaining 3 years. 
    • No prepayment penalty.
  • Financial educational resources to help members navigate through these troubling times: 

American Savings Bank

Bank of Hawaii*

  • Forbearance Program: No payments for six months on residential mortgages, home equity loans, and home equity lines.
  • Extension Program: For personal loans and auto loans, principal and interest deferred for the term of the extension.

*Existing customers

Central Pacific Bank

  • Employment Disruption Loan 
    • $1,000-$8,000 unsecured personal loan 
    • 12-24 month terms 
    • Low interest rate 
      • 12 months with CPB checking account automatic payment set up 4.90%
      • Without CPB automatic set up 5.40%
      • 24 months with CPB checking account automatic payment set up 5.00%
      • Without CPB Checking account automatic payment set up 5.50%
  • Consumer Loan Deferral - Three-month deferral on loans or line of credit 
  • Residential Mortgage Payment Deferral 

First Hawaiian Bank*

  • Mortgage relief for those with FHB loans 
  • Loan assistance: Defer payments but interest still accrues 
  • Credit card payments: Defer payments and waive up to three months of interest 

*Existing customers

Aloha United Way: COVID-19 Assistance Programs

City & County of Honolulu — Household Hardship Relief Fund 

Provides assistance for Oahu residents who have experienced a loss of income and/or increased financial need directly resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Eligible applicant may receive up to $2,000 for:

  • Mortgage payment
  • Rent payment
  • Utility payment (electric and/or gas—water, internet, and phone services are not covered)
  • Licensed eldercare services

And up to $500 for licensed childcare services or DHS provider.

Eligible applicants must: 

  • Reside in Honolulu County
  • Demonstrate hardship due to business closure, employment loss or decrease in income, and/or increase in expenses directly related to COVID-19
  • Have a current income of less than 100% AMI
  • Have less than $15,000 in liquid assets (cash, checking and/or savings accounts and other investment accounts)
  • Have current income that does not exceed pre-COVID income (prior to March 4, 2020)

NEA Member Benefits and partners

If you currently participate in some of NEA Member Benefits programs, you may be able to get assistance with your bills now. Check the Member Assistance Program page for details and contact information.

If you need additional assistance from NEA Member Benefits, please contact the Member Advocacy Center at (800) 637-4636 or ask-us@neamb.com. The center is open Monday through Friday, 3–11 a.m. HST, and Saturday, 3–7 a.m. HST.

NEA Member Benefits Member Assistance Program

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