Former Ewa teacher seeks leave share donations

She gave birth as she completed one year of teaching and ran out of leave

Giselle Nobleza, a former special education teacher at Pohakea Elementary in Ewa, gave birth to a baby boy, Ethan, one month earlier than expected on April 7. She's asking for leave donations from her former colleagues.

"Although I am grateful for the time I've had with my little one, I was only able to receive leave with pay for up to April 29 since I had only been teaching for a year. Since my absences carried on into the summer and exceeded 30 days, I was unable to receive summer pay," Nobleza said.

The Department of Education approved her request to ask for up to 15 donated leave days for the dates April 30-May 20 and she has until August 8 to accept donations, Nobleza said.

She has just moved from Hawaii is going to work at Natomas Charter School in Sacramento, Calif.

"I would be very grateful for any donated leave to help alleviate the medical bills since I am still covered under EUTF, but no longer receiving paychecks from the DOE," Nobleza said. "Thank you in advance for your support, and good luck this upcoming school year." 

Please use these instructions and leave donation form to send to Nobleza's SASA at Pohakea Elementary: Gina Acosta, email: gina_acosta@pes.k12.hi.us, work phone: (808) 689-1290.

Author: Keoki Kerr