How to request payroll help from the HIDOE and actually get a response

ServiceNow allows educators to request assistance without playing phone tag

Some members have told us that when they call the Hawaii State Department of Education payroll phone number, all they can reach is an audio recording.

Teachers were frustrated as there appeared to be no way to reach a live person. HSTA contacted the HIDOE to get clarification on the process for receiving payroll assistance.

When the HIDOE modernized its payroll system in the spring of 2019, it also launched a new program called ServiceNow to ensure requests are being tracked and handled. Employees can get a quick and accurate response without playing phone tag, and no one falls through the cracks.

When employees log into ServiceNow and create an incident, the system gathers the necessary information and creates a ticket for someone to follow up on.

An employee must use their HIDOE ID and password to log in from outside the HIDOE network.

Download this ServiceNow guide for more information on how to request assistance.

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