HSTA members: Thinking of running for office? We want to help!

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Across the country and in Hawaii, educators have successfully run for office to advocate for positive change in their communities. If you or an immediate family member (partner, wife, husband or adult child) is considering running for political office in Hawaii in next year’s election, now’s the time to start planning your campaign.

HSTA is happy to provide an electronic copy of the NEA’s “See Educators Run: A Manual of Running for Office” to any HSTA member or immediate relative who’s weighing whether to make a political run in 2020.

The manual includes specific helpful advice on a number of key issues, including

  • Making the decision
  • The first 20 days
  • Your campaign plan
  • Raising the money you need to win
  • Issues of importance to NEA/HSTA members
  • Creating a campaign message
  • Delivering your campaign message
  • Reaching voters

In addition, HSTA will send you media relations tips for candidates to help you get your story out in the media.

To receive your free guide, please answer a few quick questions in this link to tell us you or your relative’s name, the office you or your family member might run for and list any previous campaign experience.

Author: Keoki Kerr