HSTA offers new social justice-oriented PD courses

These courses, developed in partnership with LCC, are approved for reclassification credit

Looking for quality professional development? The Hawaii State Teachers Association is launching three new courses this month that are approved for reclassification credit.

All three courses are developed in partnership with Leeward Community College and are designed around the standards of professional development.

If interested, you must act quickly to hold your spot in the course as registration ends Oct. 29.

  1. Log into the PDE3 system and look for the course or section number for the course you are interest in taking.
  2. Put your name on the waitlist.
  3. Log into pd.hsta.org and create an account if you have not done so in the past.
  4. Find the course you just added yourself to the waitlist in PDE3.
  5. Pay the $150 deposit (upon completion and submission of the course, your deposit will be reimbursed).
  6. Once we verify your membership and payment, we will move you to the roster for the course.
  7. After the coursework is completed and the portfolio is accepted, your deposit will be reimbursed.

Our three new courses are:

Creating Identity Safe Classrooms

PDE3 section #303698

The purpose of this course is to examine current philosophies of teaching, explore the concept of decolonization and identify safe as it relates to education and teaching. Participants will build a foundation of understanding to help them design and implement strategies that promotes identity safe and culturally responsive environments.

Cultivating Culturally Responsive Practices

PDE3 section #303669

The purpose of this course is to examine current beliefs about teaching and learning, explore the concept of identity and identity-safe classrooms, and design and implement an activity or lesson that promotes identity-safe environments and culturally responsive teaching (CRT). The course will be based on the information in the book, Culturally Responsive Teaching and the Brain. Once you are enrolled in the course, you will receive a digital code to access your copy of the e-book. The code will be sent to the email address you submit when you pay the deposit for the course.

Feminization of Education

PDE3 section #303668

Participants will review functional differences that affect learning and identify ways they can adapt instructional strategies and behavior management plans. Participants will make practical adjustments to their current practices based on what researchers have identified as differences in brain development leading to identifiable differences in learning strengths and styles.

Complete the registration process by Oct. 29