HSTA’s 2020 primary election state Legislature candidate recommendations

Hawaii’s primary is Saturday, Aug. 8; make sure you're registered to vote by mail

The Hawaii State Teachers Association released Friday its recommendations for Hawaii State House and Senate candidates in the upcoming 2020 primary election.

“After many committee discussions, interviews, and extensive research about this year’s candidates, the HSTA Board of Directors has agreed to recommend the following candidates who have been strong supporters of public education and are committed to creating a better future for our keiki,” said HSTA President Corey Rosenlee.

“Mahalo to our members across the state who conducted virtual interviews with the candidates this year as part of our evaluation process,” he said.

The HSTA recommends the following legislative candidates:


District Recommended Candidates
2 Joy San Buenaventura (D)
5 Gil Keith-Agaran (D)
8 Ronald Kouchi (D)
9 Stanley Chang (D)
13 Karl Rhoads (D)
District Recommended Candidates
14 Donna Mercado Kim (D)
15 Glenn Wakai (D)
22 Donovan Dela Cruz (D)
25 Chris Lee (D)

NOTE: The HSTA Board of Directors took “No position” on Senate District 19. Candidates in Senate Districts 10, 11, and 20, did not ask for recommendations from HSTA. Senate district seats not up for election this term: 1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 12, 16, 17, 18, 21, 23, and 24.


District Recommended Candidates
2 Chris Todd (D)
4 Desmon Antone Haumea (D)
5 Jeanné Kapela (D)
6 Nicole Lowen (D)
7 David Tarnas (D)
8 Troy Hashimoto (D)
9 Justin Woodson (D)
11 Tina Wildberger (D)
12 Simon Russell (D)
13 Walter Ritte (D)
14 Nadine Nakamura (D)
15 James Tokioka (D)
16 Dee Morikawa (D)
17 Gene Ward (R)
20 Jay Ishibashi (D)
21 Scott Nishimoto (D)
22 Adrian Tam (D)
23 Dale Kobayashi (D)
24 Della Au Belatti (D)
25 Sylvia Luke (D)
26 Scott Saiki (D)
27 Takashi Ohno (D)
28 John Mizuno (D)
District Recommended Candidates
29 Daniel Holt (D)
30 Ernesto “Sonny” Ganaden (D)
31 Aaron Ling Johanson (D)
32 Linda Ichiyama (D)
33 Sam Kong (D)
34 Gregg Takayama (D)
36 Trish La Chica (D)
37 Ryan Yamane (D)
38 Henry Aquino (D)
39 Ty Cullen (D)
40 Rose Martinez (D)
41 Matt LoPresti (D)
42 Vickie Kam (D)
43 Stacelynn Eli (D)
44 Cedric Gates (D)
45 Lauren Matsumoto (R)
46 Amy Perruso (D)
47 Sean Quinlan (D)
48 Kaui Pratt-Aquino (D)
49 Scot Matayoshi (D)
50 Micah Kalama Pregitzer (D)
51 Alan Akao (D)

NOTE: The HSTA Board of Directors took “No position” on House Districts 3, 10,18, and 35. Incumbents in House Districts 1, 18, 19, and 35 did not ask for recommendations from HSTA.

For the first time, the HSTA is making recommendations in several key Honolulu city and county races. Those will be announced Monday, June 8. Congressional recommendations will be released in the coming weeks.

For the first time in Hawaii’s history, our primary and general elections will be conducted by mail, and your home is your new polling place. Check now to make sure you are registered so you can cast your vote from the privacy of your own home in August and November.

The primary election is Aug. 8, with a voter registration deadline of July 9. The general election will be held Nov. 3 and you have until Oct. 5 to register to vote in that contest.

Although Hawaii offers same-day registration, please note there are very limited voter service centers this year.

Click here for information on voter service centers as well as places of deposit, where you can drop off your ballot in addition to a mailbox.

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