Math teachers: Learn new skills and earn a stipend

Sign up today for a virtual workshop about data analysis and more

The Actuarial Foundation is hosting an educator training workshop to help high school math educators gain the skills needed to incorporate data analysis, trend projections, risk analysis, decision analysis, and other actuarial concepts into your mathematics programs.

The workshop is virtual and can be accessed by educators across the country. Participants will receive a $100 stipend to compensate for your time, thanks to the support of the John Hanson Family Foundation.

Applications are now open and are on a first-come, first-served basis for qualified educators. With only 50 slots available, it is expected to fill up quickly, so make sure to submit your interest as soon as possible to claim your spot.

Click here to apply.

The workshops are part of the Modeling the Future Challenge, a program of The Actuarial Foundation.

The Modeling the Future Challenge is a real-world, mathematical analysis competition for high school students culminating in a national symposium and up to $60,000 in college scholarships, prizes, and awards. Read more about that here.

Author: Keoki Kerr

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