Meet HSTA’s candidates for 2018 NEA RA state delegates

HSTA members elect 15 state delegates as well as alternates to attend this year’s NEA Representative Assembly in Minneapolis.

HSTA members elect 15 state delegates as well as alternates to attend this year’s NEA Representative Assembly in Minneapolis. These candidate statements are listed in alphabetical order by last name and printed exactly as they were received, with no edits. Candidates had a 100-word limit. The elections will be held at Institute Days on each island: Monday, Feb. 12, Oahu; Tuesday, Feb. 13, Kauai; Wednesday, Feb. 14, Molokai; Thursday, Feb. 15, Maui and Lanai; Friday, Feb. 16, Hawaii Island (Hilo, Kona, Hamakua, Kohala)


Name:  Debbie Anderson

School / Position: 

Elect education advocacy!  Since age five, education remains my passion; I’ve taught free credit courses/ (IPD).  Following tenure at Castle, I’ve served as Faculty Representative 25+ years.  Kailua veterans encouraged Negotiation experience; DH.  Taught e-school, elected Windward Vice President, before moving island/residence.  Hamakua functions included FR, APC/Grievance, SCBM/SCC, CBR, webmaster, VP, President/BOD, NEA delegate in Dallas.  NEA New Orleans, became caucus President; Senior Project Chair.  NEA San Diego, became NBPTS grantee; DREAM Team.  On NEA ELL Cadre, Assessment Co-Chair.  NEA Foundation Global Education Fellow 2018.  I listen/ed, wrote 125+ items.  Through Convention’s democratic process, our voice’s heard.  We are HSTA.


Name:  James Au

School / Position:  Teacher

My name is James Au and for the past three years I proudly represented HSTA at NEA’s Annual Representative Assembly.  Last year, I assisted HSTA’s Governance Specialist with organizing and assembling gifts for our representatives to present to contacts from other states.  I also organized Hawaii night’s dinner in Boston.  I appreciate these opportunities that you gave me to be involved on a national scale.  Please vote for me again as my enthusiasm grows in representing Hawaii.


Name:  Debra Borges

School / Position:  Academic Coach K-6

I am asking for your vote to be elected as State delegate to the NEA RA.  I am currently the chairperson for the Membership Committee for the Hilo Chapter.  I have served on this committee for the past 9 years where I have successfully kept our members informed and organized events for our Hilo Chapter.  I was also a head faculty rep, for my school and a member of the Asian Pacific Islander caucus.  It would be my honor to represent you at the NEA convention.


Name:  Candace Chun

School / Position:  Mililani High / Health Services Pathway Teacher

A CTE (Culinary/FCCLA and Health Services/HOSA pathway teacher for 34 years at Mililani High, I recall stories told by those who fought for teacher compensation, working conditions and the right to unionize.  I’ve continued their legacy as a faculty representative strike refreshment coordinator, legislative visit advocate, and Central Chapter Delegate to four state and three national conventions.  As a delegate, I’ve enjoyed working alongside professionals committed to improving public education.  Last year, I voluntarily arranged state contact gifts and the Hawaii delegation special dinner in Boston.  I’d be honored to represent you again at the NEA Representative Assembly!


Name:  Ruth Dalisay

School / Position:  Farrington High / Mathematics Teacher

Former Honolulu Chapter President, Current HSTA State Director, Former Negotiations Team, School APC Chair, Faculty Representative, NEA RA Delegate, HSTA Convention Delegate


Name:  Gerald Dar

School / Position:  Wahiawa Middle / Teacher

HSTA Central Chapter Executive Board, CBR 2017-2018



Name:  Mireille “Miray” Ellsworth

School / Position:  Waiakea High / English & Drama Teacher

State NEA RA Delegate (3 terms), Passed Teacher Evaluation Policy Amendment (NEA 2014), State Convention Delegate (4 years), Passed HSTA resolution opposing Smarter Balanced tests, HSTA Speakers Bureau, Co-author of Schools Our Keiki Deserve research, Chairperson, Hawaii Teachers for Change Caucus, Admin, Hawaii BATs Facebook page, Head Rep & Grievance Rep. Priority issues:  Academic freedom, Replace standardized testing with authentic assessments (PBL), Student data privacy, Scholarships for teaching degrees (recruit local teachers), Complete elimination of SLOs in EES.  I appreciate your vote.  Mahalo!


Name:  Caroline Freudig

School / Position:  Kauaʻi District Office / Resource Teacher

I am currently the Kauaʻi Chapter Treasurer and have been since 2014.  I have attended the NEA Representative Assembly twice as s Kauaʻi Chapter delegate.  Attending the NEA Representative Assembly has been an enriching experience.  It has provided me the opportunity to see how our state association fits into the bigger framework of the national association.  Given that our chapter has a small number of delegate slots and for the past several years we’ve had more teachers interested in being a chapter delegate, I am placing my name on the ballot for one of the 15 state delegate spots.


Name:  Cliff Fukuda

School / Position:  Aiea High / Social Studies Teacher, Assistant Football Coach

Many thanks for always voting for me.  I promise to consider the interest of all the teachers not just a few.  You honor me with your vote and I will always lead from the front of the formation in this battle with this negative administration (again public schooling) in the current White House.  Bless you all!


Name:  Shannon Kuʻuipo Garan

School / Position:  Solomon Elementary / Teacher

Aloha!  My name is Shannon Kuʻuipo Garan, a Kindergarten teacher at Solomon Elementary School.  I have been an active member of HSTA serving in various positions at all levels, ranging from: Head Faculty Representative, APC, Kona Chapter Secretary, Kona Chapter President, State Legislative Committee Chair, Teacher Lobbyist to the Legislative Session in 2008 and 2009.  I am currently the Teacher Lobbyist for this Legislative Session 2018.  I would be honored to be chosen to represent Hawaiʻi as an HSTA State Delegate to the National Education Association Representative Assembly this Summer.  Please vote for me.  Mahalo nui loa!


Name:  Rebecca “Becky” Hadley-Schlosser

School / Position:  Fifth Grade Special Education Teacher

I have had the pleasure and opportunity to represent Hawaii at previous RA’s and always come back from the RA invigorated and renewed for the new school year.  The business conducted at the RA impacts what we do in our classrooms across the country.  During my 22 years in Hawaii, I have been the Leeward Chapter Secretary for over 10 years and a faculty representative at my school.  Each time I return from the NEA-RA I share with my fellow teachers what we did and why.  I would appreciate the opportunity to represent Hawaii at the NEA-RA.


Name:  Bridget Hannu

School / Position:  Mililani Waena Elementary / Special Education Teacher

I currently am part of APC at Mililani Waena Elementary where I teach special education.  I am on the Elections Committee for Central Chapter.  I have also served on Government Relations Committee when I taught at Kapolei Middle.  I have always appreciated HSTA and been rejuvenated attending multiple HSTA conventions, MLK and PRIDE parades, and taking PD courses.  I would like to become more actively involved and this will be my first time attending NEA.  I believe it will be a worthwhile experience.  Thank you and please vote for me, Bridget Hannu.


Name:  Roy Hannu

School / Position:  Mililani High / Inclusion Social Studies Teacher

At the school level I have been a head faculty rep for six years, on the Association Policy Committee for seven years and a co-grievance rep for two years.  For the Association, I have been a state delegate for seven years and am currently in my first year on the Central District Executive board for Youth and Human Civil Rights.  I also actively participate in the MLK and PRIDE parade with HSTA.  I have also been a NEA delegate for one year.


Name:  Edwin Kagawa

School / Position:  Keaʻau Middle School / Social Studies Teacher

Fellow educators, I humbly ask for your vote to be elected as a state delegate to the NEA RA.  I have served on the Board of Directors as the Hilo Chapter President for 8 years.  In the past, my HSTA positions have included Hilo Chapter Vice-President, Institute Chair and Elections Co-Chair.  In addition, I served on the HSTA Time Committee.  Currently, I am a Membership Co-Chair for Hilo Chapter and on the HSTA Minorities Affairs Committee Task Force.  At the national level, I represent the NEA Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus at their PAC Liaison.  Thank you for your support.


Name:  Vickie Parker Kam

School / Position:  Academic Growth Coach / CTE Educator / ELA and SS Teacher

I believe in the need for strong school, state, and national level union representation.  It would be an honor to represent Hawaii teachers at the 2018 Annual NEA RA…these are the steps I have taken so far to prepare:  Proud HSTA member since 2004, Completed NEA Skills for Emerging Leaders Training, Currently pursuing NEA Teacher Leader Institute certification, Enthusiastically attended and participated in 2016 and 2017 NEA RA, School HSTA Rep since 2016, School Level Leader (Rep/APC) for 9 years, HSTA State Convention delegate for 7 years.


Name:  Shannon Kealoha

School / Position:  Maui Waena Intermediate / 8th grade Math teacher

Mother of 3, Teacher for 24 years, 8th grade math teacher and department chair at Maui Waena Intermediate, Elected to serve as the Board of Director for the Maui Chapter this school year, Elected delegate to the last 5 NEA Representative Assemblies, Head Faculty Rep. at Maui Waena for the past 3 years, Served on the HSTA Membership Committee from 2015-2017, Served as Head Faculty Rep at Waiheʻe Elementary and the Picket Captain during the strike.


Name:  Aaron Kubo

School / Position:  Hilo Intermediate / Social Studies – ELL Inclusion

I am an active member of the Hilo Chapter, Head Faculty Representative, former APC member, Hilo Co-Chair on the Negotiations Committee, co-presenter at the NEA Joint Conference on Concerns of Minorities and Women in 2015 and a national level NEA trainer within the ELL cadre.  With the cooperation of both HSTA and the NEA, I am currently working, with my colleagues, to train teachers to better assist the growing ELL population in our public schools.  With your assistance I plan to continue fighting for equity and tolerance at all levels!


Name:  Jodi Kunimitsu

School / Position:  Maui High / Math Teacher

Aloha!  I have been a math teacher for 15 years.  I taught at Kauaʻi High School and I currently teach at Maui High School.  My HSTA experiences include: Faculty Rep, APC Rep, HSTA Convention Delegate, NEA RA Delegate, Kauaʻi Chapter President, HSTA Board of Directors, Elections Committee, Judicial Panel Chairperson, Minority Affairs Committee Task Force, NEA Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Secretary, and NEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee Member.  I am a strong advocate for minority affairs and social justice issues.  I humbly ask for your vote to be one of the state delegates to the NEA RA.  Mahalo!


Name:  Lester Kunimitsu

School / Position:  Baldwin High / CTE Teacher

I am a teacher at Baldwin High School, on the island of Maui.  I have been teaching for 32 years and been actively involved in HSTA for about 26 of those years.  My HSTA experiences include: Faculty Rep, ACP Rep, Grievance Rep, School Community Council, HSTA Convention Delegate, NEA RA State Delegate, Maui Chapter President, HSTA Board of Directors, Political Action Committee, and NEA Asian Pacific Islander Caucus Member.


Name:  Mike Landes

School / Position:  Lahainaluna High / Social Studies Teacher

My name is Mike Landes.  I have taught at Lahainaluna High School for 14 years, teaching social studies and special education during that time.  I currently serve as my school’s Head Faculty Representative, and Maui Chapter’s Vice President and Institute Chair.  I’ve also served on the Government Relations Committee, as delegate to the state and national conventions, and as a Faculty Representative, APC Member, and Grievance Representative.  I believe our union needs to listen to the ideas of all members, focus on the most critical issues, and take a proactive approach toward promoting our interests and defending our rights.


Name:  Dr. Angie Miyashiro

School / Position:

I have been and an HSTA Head Rep., APC, SLL, rep for SCC and often a mediator.  I have worked on membership, gov. relations, for democratic caucus, YHCR, organized HSTA activities, volunteer HOSPICE, Spec olympics, Post office drive and campaigns.  I am NBCT certified, facilitator of NEA ed communities as well as have presented at NEA and State conventions.  I have had NBI passed at both.  Have advocated for students and teachers on behalf of the health, wellness, safety and justice for schools.  I humbly ask for your support.


Name:  Tracy Monroe

School / Position:  OCISS / State Resource Teacher

I have represented teachers twice at the NEA Representative Assembly.  I like the discussions and debate we have about issues that are important to teachers and students.  As a civics teacher, I think it’s important to participate in the democratic process, and the NEA RA is an opportunity to have our voices heard in making policy at the highest level.  I advocate for teachers, speaking at Board of Education meetings and the state Legislature as part of HSTA’s Speakers Bureau.  I have been APC, Head Rep, and Grievance Rep. at my previous schools.  I currently service on the CBR Committee.


Name:  Lisa Morrison

School / Position:  Maui Waena Intermediate / Teacher and Student Activities Coordinator

Last year I successfully proposed, spoke to, and passed a New Business Item voted on by 8,000 teachers at the National Education Association Representative Assembly.  With your vote, I’d like to do it again this year.  I am a passionate advocate for teachers, speaking at Board of Education meetings and to the state Legislature as part of HSTA’s Speakers Bureau.  I am also in my second year on the Negotiations Committee, after serving on the CBR Committee.  I am currently Maui Chapter Secretary, and active as an HSTA RA delegate, working on policy changes to help teachers and students.


Name:  Ann Nakamura

School / Position:  Makakilo Elementary / Grade 2 Teacher

I am a teacher at Makakilo Elementary.  I have served on my school’s APC as well as the Grievance Committee and am currently the Head Faculty Representative.  I would be honored to be a delegate and represent Hawaii at the NEA Representative Assembly in Minneapolis.  Your vote and support is very much appreciated!


Name:  Ashley Olson

School / Position:  Lahainaluna High / Testing Coordinator and English Language Learner Coordinator

I am Ashley Olson, from Lahainaluna High School on Maui.  At my first NEA RA in 2015, I looked, listened and learned.  In 2016, I submitted a successful amendment.  At the 2017 NEA RA, I wrote and presented an NBI that was sent to Committee.  I was also elected to the NEA Resolutions Committee by the Hawaii delegation.  I take my responsibilities as a delegate very seriously- it is not a “junket” to me.  With your support, I will continue to advocate for public education at the national level.  Please vote for Ashley Olson, NEA RA delegate.  Mahalo nui.


Name:  Micah Pregitzer

School / Position:  Science Teacher

State Delegate to NEA RA Association Experience:  Active member on the Negotiation Committee going on 3 years, Helped to bring attention to the high temperatures in classrooms in Hawaii, High School Science Teacher at Kalaheo HS for 14 years, Head Faculty Rep, Grievance Rep, APC committee member for 4 years, Windward delegate to NEA convention 2 years, Windward delegate to HSTA state convention 2 years


Name:  Dawn Kiyoko Kainoa Raymond

School / Position:  Waiakea High / Special Education Teacher

Aloha Colleagues, I am currently in my first term as elected Hilo Chapter President.  As an active member at the chapter and State level, I continue to serve on a diverse range of capacities and committees which include the State SPED Committee and the HSTA VEBA Trust as a trustee.  Having participated in leadership training sessions such as the NEA Summit and both the NEA’s Minority and Women’s Leadership Conferences.  I would like to represent all voices as one of your State Delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly.  I ask for your support.  Thank you, Dawn Kiyoko Kainoa Raymond


Name:  Amber Riel

School / Position:  Waianae High / Math Teacher

I am currently finishing up my 3rd year as Leeward Chapter President.  I also serve as a member of the Janus Work Group, professional development work group, a trainer for the 21st Century Classroom Level 1 PD course, and have served as a government relations committee member, chapter secretary and treasurer.  This will be my 8th NEA RA.


Name:  Corey Rosenlee

School / Position:  Campbell High / Social Studies Teacher

As HSTA President I was proud to lead a very active delegation to the National Education Association’s Representative Assembly last year.  Hawaii’s delegation wrote 13 legislative amendments, resolution and NBIs.  Hawaii’s delegation made their presence known by bringing forth issues ranging from the illegal overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom to eliminating age-inappropriate standards in Common Core.  This will be an important year dealing with how NEA will respond to the Janus case in front of the Supreme Court, and I would appreciate your vote in representing HSTA in these conversations.


Name:  Michele Sasaki

School / Position:  Hickam Elementary / Kindergarten Teacher

Teaching is more than a job.  It’s a passion that requires dedication to a brighter future.  Being involved in the Association provides an opportunity to create positive change in our profession and our student’s education.  With care and pride through the years, I’ve made it a point to support teachers, students, and public education with service as a Faculty Representative, Strike Captain, Chapter Secretary, Grievance Representative, State Delegate, and NEA Delegate.  I kindly ask for your vote to continue serving and representing the hard working teacher of Hawaii at the NEA RA.  Mahalo!


Name:  Jamie Stidger

School / Position:  Teacher

I have worked diligently at every NEA RA for the last decade and have even pushed legislation successfully at this national forum.  Although this is not a reason for your vote, I grew up in Minneapolis and have not been in back in 25 years!


Name:  Michele Tavares

School / Position:  General Ed Teacher

Aloha, My name is Michele Tavares and I am in my 4th year as a teacher at Kailua Elementary School.  I have a deep-felt love for teaching and I carry great pride in what I do in the classroom.  In order to further the success of Hawaii Teachers and our Students, I’ve been compelled to be involved with HSTA.  I started out as the Head Rep at my school and have expanded that role to the Windward Chapter Executive Board.  I’ve also been involved as the Windward Chapter Co Chair for the Institute Day at NBC this year.  One of


Name:  Osa Tui, Jr.

School / Position:  McKinley High / Registrar

It was a humbling experience to have served as Negotiations Chair and to now serve as Honolulu Chapter President.  With the Supreme Court poised to weaken public sector unions and brush aside gains for the middle class, gathering and learning from others at the NEA RA is more important now than ever.  It is imperative to be fully prepared for those with money and power who will put up additional blockades and silence our collective voices when fighting for what is right!


Name:  Shirley Yamauchi

School / Position:  Kapolei Middle / Gr. 7 Elective Wheel Teacher

Shirley Yamauchi is in her 17th year of teaching at Kapolei Middle School.  She has served on HSTA’s Board of Directors since 2014 and been Kapolei Middle School’s Head Faculty Representative since 2012.  She has previously served as Leeward Chapter Treasurer (2013-15) and as a delegate to HSTA Convention from 2012 to 2017 and to the NEA RA Convention in 2013, 2014, 2016, and 2017.  As your state delegate, she will support Leeward teachers, uplift the voices of HSTA members in union and educational leadership, and build the Schools Our Keiki Deserve.

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