Meet HSTA’s state officer candidates

Vote in the election of your State Officers, NEA Director, and Alternate Director. Your voice matters!

HSTA is the largest democratically organized union of education professionals in Hawaii.  Members determine the direction and focus of the Association.  State officers are elected by the membership. Vote in the election of your State Officers, NEA Director, and Alternate Director.  Your voice matters! Read candidate statements below and watch the videos of the candidates who chose to submit them.  The elections will be held at Institute Days on each island: Monday, Feb. 12, Oahu; Tuesday, Feb. 13, Kauai; Wednesday, Feb. 14, Molokai; Thursday, Feb. 15, Maui and Lanai; Friday, Feb. 16, Hawaii Island (Hilo, Kona, Hamakua, Kohala).



One candidate:

Corey Rosenlee

Campbell High, Social Studies Teacher

I am asking for your vote to re-elect me as president of HSTA. We have accomplished great things over the last 2 ½ years, a new contract with nearly a 14% raise, taking out testing from teacher evaluations, and making EES less onerous for teachers. We were able to get a 100 million for a.c., and win a court battle to allow for teacher travel. We did this together by organizing our teachers. We still have big challenges ahead and I hope I have earned your vote so we can still give our keiki the schools they deserve.



One candidate:

Osa Tui, Jr

McKinley High School, Registrar

Your concerns were listened to in fashioning contract proposals and your rights were fought for in negotiations.  Your stories have allowed for more informed action and your truths have been spoken for to those in power.  Your best interests have necessitated working collaboratively and thoughtfully with others no matter their motives.  Your union needs to remain strong and your profession needs to be respected.  Your struggles, my struggles, our struggles are what bind us together and are what motivate me to do my best for you.  Your vote is appreciated.  bit.ly/osaforoffice

Click here to watch Osa Tui’s candidate video


Three candidates:

Caroline Freudig

Kauaʻi District Office, Resource Teacher

I have been an elementary teacher for 20+ years.  As a district resource teacher for 6 years, I have built relationships with stakeholders such as legislators, state DOE personnel & community members through my work as:

  • Kauaʻi HSTA Chapter Treasurer since 2014
  • Author of HSTA 2016 state convention resolution & new business items
  • Induction Program Coordinator for Kauaʻi new hires
  • Hawaiʻi Hope Street Group State Fellow
  • Teacher Leadership Initiative (TLI) alumni
  • Na Kumu Alakaʻi (TLA) alumni

As your State Secretary-Treasurer, I will work towards meeting the needs of all of our HSTA members.  I humbly ask for your vote to represent you.

Click here to watch Caroline Freudig’s candidate video

Lisa Morrison

Maui Waena Intermediate School, Teacher and Student Activities Coordinator

After working in schools without a union, I appreciate the protection and support I’ve found in HSTA.  That’s why over the past six years I’ve committed myself to the work we do to organize, inform and advocate for teachers.  At the state level, I serve on the Speakers Bureau Leadership Team, helping teachers share our experiences with the community.  I am also in my second year on the Negotiations Committee, after serving on the CBR Committee.  I am currently Maui Chapter Secretary, and active as an NEA and HSTA RA delegate, working on policy changes to help teachers and students.

Click here to watch Lisa Morrison’s candidate video

Logan Okita

Nimitz Elementary School, Teacher (Grade 1)

I am a National Board Certified Teacher at Nimitz Elementary.  I have served HSTA on the Board of Directors, as YHCR committee chair, and as a SLL.  As Secretary-Treasurer, I will keep a watchful eye on our budget as we go through the transitions following the Janus case.  This may mean significant budget cuts while maintaining benefits and advocacy.  I will focus on engaging members and community to build our membership, partners, and outreach.  I am committed to listening to our members and working together to improve our organization.  I hope you will allow me to continue to service HSTA.

Click here to watch Logan Okita’s candidate video




Two candidates:

Cliff Fukuda

Aiea High School, Social Studies Teacher

Many thanks to many individuals who have worked and help me make education better in this nation.

From Honokaa to Kauaʻi, I express my care and concern at the table at the NEA as the one and only director from a small state.

I have worked and am currently on three national committees: Minority Affairs, Student Teachers, and Read Across America.  On the Read Across America committee, I have voiced concern for minorities and the fair representation in books and reading.

Thank you for your past support and please consider re-elect CLIFF FUKUDA to NEA.

Click here to watch Cliff Fukuda’s candidate video

Castle High School, Librarian

I have been Chapter President of Windward for the last two years.  Previously, I was the Chapter Vice President.  I represented Windward on the Negotiations Committee, serving on the team during 2011-2012.  I served on the Board of Directors from 1998-2007 as a director, then as Chapter President.

I have been an NEA trainer since 2002.  I also served as secretary from 1993-1994 from the San Manuel/Mammoth Classroom Teachers Association in Arizona.



One candidate:

Jamie Stidger

Castle High School, English & ELL Coordinator

I have a long history with HSTA and will continue to work on behalf of Hawaii’s teachers.  I have been Head and Faculty Rep, a Windward rep on the Political Action Committee for four years, the current Windward rep on the Government Relations Committee, a delegate each year for HSTA Convention for over a decade, an elected delegate to NEA every year for over a decade, and have successfully moved legislation at the national level.

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