Hawaii HomeOwnership Center webinars help HSTA members with housing options

Program made possible by generous donation from Nareit Hawaii

Thanks to a generous donation from Nareit Hawaii, the Hawaii HomeOwnership Center (HHOC) is proud to offer a program aimed at supporting Hawaii State Teachers Association members.

While HHOC usually focuses on education and resources for first-time homebuyers, at the core of its mission is housing stability, which results in stronger communities.

During these uncertain times due to COVID-19, HHOC will conduct webinars for HSTA on a broader range of housing topics, including:

  • First-time homebuyer assistance programs, 
  • Foreclosure prevention options, and 
  • Rental counseling.

HHOC will also provide self-help tools and individual coaching to any interested HSTA member.

“Our educators are struggling financially and emotionally. They’re worried about their health, families, students, and the communities that they live and work in,” said Gayle Enriquez, state chair of HSTA’s Membership Services Committee and a fourth-grade teacher at Pahoa Elementary. “We believe this resource can provide them with support, knowledge, and hope during these difficult times.”

In addition, the Nareit Hawaii donation will cover half the cost of a lifetime HHOC membership. This membership includes the coursework to achieve a Homebuyer Education Certificate, often required to participate in first-time home buyer programs.

It is HHOC’s goal to provide members with the most accurate information and resources to make informed decisions regarding their housing situation. Click here for information relating to the center’s foreclosure prevention, rental counseling, and crisis budgeting presentations, and/or to request an appointment for an individual coaching session.

If you would like additional information on HHOC’s homebuyer education services, visit www.hihomeownership.org or call (808) 523-9500 or toll-free 877-523-9503.

Upcoming webinars

First-time homebuyer assistance programs

Tuesday, Jan. 12, at 5 p.m.
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Homeownership doesn’t have to be just a dream. Come find out how to make your dream a reality by utilizing loan products and assistance programs to help you become a first-time homebuyer. In this webinar you will learn:

  • What loan products and assistance programs are currently available,
  • Qualifications for the programs, and
  • The application process.

Becoming a first-time homebuyer

Thursday, Jan. 14, at 5 p.m.
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Come get an overview about the home purchase process and how HHOC can help. This workshop will cover the benefits of homeownership and the commitment required from those who choose to participate in the center’s programs.

Rental concerns during the time of COVID-19

Wednesday, Jan. 20, at 5 p.m.
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Has your household income been affected by COVID-19? Are you renting and concerned about your housing situation? Are you behind on your payments or concerned that you will be soon? Confused about the various moratoriums and what they mean for you? Don’t fully understand your rights in the current rental environment?

Come to our informational guided webinar on rental counseling, where you will learn to:

  • Open a dialog with your landlord about your current or future late rent payment,
  • Understand the basics of the CDC rent moratorium,
  • Locate resources for rental assistance, and
  • Create an emergency budget.

Foreclosure prevention terms and processes

Wednesday, Jan. 27, at 5 p.m.
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Has your household or rental income been affected? Are you facing late mortgage payments and uncertain if you can keep your property? 

Come to our informational guided webinar on foreclosure prevention where you will learn to:

  • Start a conversation with your lender if you are anticipating late payments or are currently late,
  • Understand the terms and processes of property retention and non-retention options, and
  • Review various programs, understand eligibility, and resources that are available to help.

Hawaii HomeOwnership Center program overview