Reminder – License renewal with Hawaii Teachers Standards Board (HTSB)

1,400 teachers' licenses expire June 30

The Hawaii Teachers Standards Board (HTSB) has asked the HSTA to remind members that teachers need to renew their licenses in a timely manner.  As of mid-April, there are approximately 1,400 teachers whose licenses will expire this year, so they need to take action before June 30, 2018. Failure to hold a valid license may result in a fine of up to $500. 

If your license expires on June 30, 2018, you must login to your HTSB account between January 2 and June 29, 2018, and complete your renewal process. Here is the link to the HTSB. 

You are strongly encouraged to renew early in the renewal period, as you must allow for processing time. Renewals submitted after June 29, 2018, may not be processed in the event of unexpected issues.

Under the HSTA collective bargaining agreement (contract) Appendix IX- Licensing Fees, teachers who qualify shall have their licensing fees paid by the employer. Tenured teachers who have an evaluation rating of “effective” or “highly effective” and submit a request to the HTSB to have the employer pay the fee (on or before the date the fee is due) will qualify for this benefit.  If educators fail to meet these requirements, they will forfeit the benefit of payment of the annual license fee and will be personally responsible for the fee payment.

All others must login to their HTSB account and pay their own license and permit fees. A $25 late fee shall be assessed if not paid by the due date. Refunds for license fees you have already paid cannot be refunded by HTSB. If you have questions for HTSB send a message to them using your account Contact HTSB tab or call the HTSB office at 808-586-2600.

Author: Keoki Kerr