Take advantage of HSTA's interest-free Teacher Emergency Loan Program

Members have four months to pay back up to $1,500 interest-free

Update on April 17, 2020: Due to the unprecedented circumstances surrounding the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the HSTA Board of Directors has placed a moratorium on emergency loan approvals through April of 2021. Click here for more information.

With the start of the new school year, it could be several weeks before new teachers receive their first paycheck on Aug. 20.

Members who need cash immediately can take advantage of the Hawaii State Teachers Association's Teacher Emergency Loan Program.

Last year, HSTA's Board of Directors approved revisions that increased the amount of money members can borrow from the union from $1,000 to $1,500, and gave them twice as much time to pay it back, from two to four months.

Previously, a member who borrowed $1,000 had $250 automatically deducted from their pay for the next four paychecks over a two-month period. With the change approved by the board, members can pay back the loan in four payments deducted from one paycheck a month for up to four months. The HSTA does not charge its members any interest for this loan.

Members must explain their situation in detail as part of a request for the loan and show that they are in an emergency situation. The loan program is not meant to help someone out who’s just a little short of cash one month.

Members are allowed three emergency loans, up from the previous lifetime limit of two, but not more than one loan per fiscal year.

To request an emergency loan, members can email info@hsta.org or call HSTA’s main office at (808) 833-2711.