Teacher Assignment and Transfer Program (TATP) documents and links

Posting #1 closes on March 6

The Teacher Assignment and Transfer Program (TATP) for the school year 2019-2020 is effective Feb. 21 through May 3, 2019.

There are two posting announcements as follows:

TATP posting #1: Feb. 21 - March 6

Interview and selection: March 7 - 27

TATP posting #2: April 12 - 18

Interview and selection: April 22 - May 3

Tenured teachers who are interested in applying for vacancies must submit an online application for each position. Probationary teachers in their fifth or sixth semester of probation, and National Board Certified Teachers (NBCT) serving in their last semester of probation, may only apply for vacancies in the first TATP posting.

Once an offer to transfer has been accepted by a teacher, any subsequent offers to transfer will not be allowed.

Click here for more information on TATP vacancy and application details.

Please keep in mind that teachers are unable to "transfer" between a DOE school and public charter school (PCS).

This change is considered "movement," which involves resigning and applying to a different employer.

Click here for specific guidlines and forms for movement of teachers between the DOE and PCS.

Job Sharing Program

The Department of Education is accepting applications from interested teachers, counselors, librarians, and other support service certificated personnel who wish to participate in the Job Sharing Program for School Year (SY) 2019-2020.  Interested candidates must be incumbent certificated tenured personnel.

Click here to view a memo from the DOE.

You can download the following forms here: Teacher Request for Job Sharing DOE OTM 200-002 | Proposed Job Sharing Plan DOE OTM 200-002(a)