Teacher leaders gather to learn how to better serve their members

Faculty representatives from across the state learn more about HSTA

More than 250 HSTA school-level leaders from across the state gathered on Oahu July 26 and 27 for two days of Summer Leadership Training. They met at the Hawaii Convention Center to learn more about HSTA and how to share that information with members. Participants attended breakouts about everything from government relations, member benefits and our contract to negotiations, early career teachers and HSTA's structure.
HSTA President Corey Rosenlee gave a rousing speech in which he emphasized the importance of signing up as quickly as possible the more than 700 new teachers who are starting school next week. Teacher leaders also discussed what they and their students deserve and the challenges they face because of underfunded schools. 

Rosenlee urged teachers to share their own story with friends, family and neighbors. What do their students deserve and what would they do for their students if more funding existed? And, Rosenlee said, that's why we need voters statewide to vote yes on the constitutional amendment in November. The amendment would allow the state to create a surcharge on investment properties (second homes worth more than $1 million) to better fund public schools.

20 reasons why voters should approve the constitutional amendment.

Author: Keoki Kerr