Teacher Shortage Crisis Diagnostic Tool

How does Hawaii's teacher shortage crisis impact you?

Hawaii is suffering from a teacher shortage crisis. More than 60,000 keiki are not taught by a qualified teacher each year. Since 2012, the number of teachers leaving Hawaii has increased by more than 70 percent. Some hard-to-staff schools have 30 percent or more teachers who are unqualified, out of field, or inexperienced. This diagnostic tool can help identify the impacts of Hawaii's teacher shortage crisis on your classroom and on your school.

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If you checked any of the boxes on this list, you are affected by Hawaii's teacher shortage crisis. The Hawaii State Teachers Association is committed to solving this crisis. We want to attract more people, especially local students, to the field of teaching. We also want to develop and expand programs to retain teachers, especially those in the mid- to late-stage of their careers. Our working plan will require a multifaceted approach fueled by member participation. We cannot end this crisis without you.

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