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Board demands details, communication over potential lapse of $465 million in school construction funds

Hawaiʻi Board of Education Chair Warren Haruki called the potential lapse of $465 million in school construction funds “a huge tragedy” Thursday, adding that he fears state lawmakers have lost confidence in the department.

January 11, 2024|News|

HIDOE replacing 11 inoperable fire alarm systems, 2 more schools report issues

The Hawaiʻi State Department of Education (HIDOE) says it’s working to replace inoperable fire alarm systems at 11 schools at a cost of about $14 million after confirming in December that nearly 10% of the state’s public schools failed fire inspections last school year.

January 11, 2024|News|

HIDOE officials grilled over plan to relinquish funds for 150+ school projects

The state schools superintendent admitted to lawmakers Wednesday that he didn’t know until late November about his own department’s plan to allow $465 million in school construction funds to lapse, bringing more than 150 projects to a halt, even though officials from his department had been working on the proposal since March.

December 21, 2023|News|
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