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Lawmakers direct HIDOE to use federal aid to preserve school jobs, avoid pay cuts

The schools superintendent faces increasing pressure from state lawmakers to rescind budget cuts and direct federal stimulus aid to keep school employees on the payroll and maintain their current levels of pay instead of implementing pay cuts, layoffs, or hiring tutors.

February 17, 2021|COVID-19, News|

Submit testimony to BOE by Wednesday to restore school-level budgets, positions, salaries

Join us in asking the Board of Education to prioritize restoring all cuts to the weighted student formula (WSF) and special education per-pupil allocation (SPPA), which would eliminate the need for layoffs of any HIDOE employees, including all teachers. HSTA will further ask HIDOE to follow the law by using federal stimulus funding to avoid future pay cuts.

February 14, 2021|News|

Lawmakers’ bills direct HIDOE to avoid layoffs instead of hiring tutors

State Senate and House leaders have introduced bills that direct the Hawaii Department of Education to use millions in federal stimulus funding to preserve educators’ jobs, contrary to a HIDOE plan to use nearly one-third of stimulus funds bound for the education department to hire outside tutors.

February 12, 2021|News|
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