Apply online by June 1

The Hawaii State Department of Education Assessment Section, in the Office of Strategy, Innovation and Performance, is accepting applications from classroom teachers to participate in the Hawaii Comprehensive Assessment Program’s Performance Assessment Development Institute (PADI).

Grades 4, 6, and 8 teachers of English Language Arts (ELA); grades 4 and 7 teachers of mathematics; and high school algebra teachers are being recruited to participate in the first year of this program in school year 2021–22.

“This is a great opportunity for teachers to help move Hawaii from standardized assessments to project-based learning,” said Corey Rosenlee, president of the Hawaii State Teachers Association.

Participants will be provided training on the development of performance assessments that are aligned to the content standards and meet students’ needs. Requirements for participation include:

  1. Attending all training sessions;
  2. Piloting the performance assessments in classrooms and collecting student work;
  3. Providing input on teacher scoring guides and administration manuals; and
  4. Providing feedback on the professional learning design and implementation process.

Teacher participants are expected to attend virtual training July 22–23 & 26–27 and October 12–13, 2021 and in-person training March 15–18, 2022. Participants will receive a stipend of $184.66 for each full-day training and $92.33 for each half-day training. Substitutes will be provided for teachers who need them. The Assessment Section will cover all travel costs for neighbor island participants. Webinars and virtual meetings may be scheduled as needed throughout the school year and participants are expected to participate in the live session or view the recording.

Grades 4, 6, and 8 ELA teachers; grades 4 and 7 mathematics teachers; and high school algebra teachers who are interested in participating in the PADI should apply no later than Tuesday, June 1, 2021.

The online application can be accessed via or through the website.

Applicants will receive an email message with their responses after submitting their application which will serve as confirmation that the application was received. Please note this email message is NOT a confirmation of participation in the program. Applicants who do not receive the automated email message should either resubmit their application or notify the Assessment Section by email at Participants will be selected based on their representation of the student population across the state. All applicants selected to participate in the program will receive a second email confirming their participation by Friday, June 4, 2021.

Curriculum coordinators, complex area resource teachers, and other support staff are welcome to apply but will need to coordinate with a classroom teacher in order to pilot the performance assessments.

Should you have any questions regarding this program, please contact the Assessment Section at (808) 307-3636 or by email at

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