Our list reflects candidates committed to building a better future for our keiki

The Hawaiʻi State Teachers Association recommends candidates who are strong supporters of public education, educators, and labor, and are committed to creating a better future for our keiki.

Voting these candidates into office ensures we have allies who will champion public education, working families, and our freedom to teach and learn. Protect the rights of our students, our fellow educators, and our families by casting your vote in this year’s primary and general elections.

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The primary election takes place Saturday, Aug. 10, and the general election takes place Tuesday, Nov. 5. In Hawaiʻi, elections are conducted by mail. All registered voters automatically receive their ballot in the mail approximately 18 days prior to the election. Return your voted ballot by mail (be mindful of USPS delivery times) or in person at a ballot drop box within your county. Voted ballots must be received by your County Elections Division by 7 p.m. on Election Day to be counted. Limited voting service centers will be open 10 days prior and on Election Day for same-day registration and in-person voting.

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HSTA Recommended Candidates

As a state affiliate of the National Education Association, the HSTA supports the NEA’s recommendation of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris as the Democratic nominees for re-election. Biden has proven to be the most pro–public education and pro-union president in modern history whose actions include expanding access to free school breakfast and lunch, providing $167 billion in debt relief for 4.75 million borrowers, and addressing mental health parity and care.

The HSTA and NEA also jointly recommend candidates looking to represent Hawaiʻi at the national level. Learn more here.


Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.

For the following races, HSTA invited recommended candidates to submit a brief statement describing their accomplishments and/or reasons for running for office. Expand on a candidate to view their submission.

Hawaiʻi Senate

Aloha HSTA members,
Thank you for considering a recommendation of my candidacy to the Hawai’i State Senate. As the Senator for District 1, serving Hilo to Pepe’ekeo, I have consistently supported funding for the Department of Education, especially important to the welfare of rural communities.
I firmly believe in the uplifting power of education, not just for the children in my district, but in the entire state system. I have advocated for and secured considerable funding for more classrooms and infrastructure improvements to provide a better working environment for teachers and a better learning environment for students. I also recognize the importance of equitable pay, opportunities for professinal development and other benefits critical for the recruitment and retention of our teachers.
It is my desire to continue playing a pivotal role in shaping policies and initiatives to help pave the way for a bright future for both our students and teachers.
I am extremely grateful for the privilege to serve as the Senator for District 3 (Kona, Kaʻū, and Volcano) since 2018, which uniquely positions me to address the unique needs of a community I have deep roots in. As Senate Majority Leader and a former Member of the Senate Committee on Education (EDU), I have effectively collaborated with the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) and the Department of Education (HIDOE). Together, we’ve championed initiatives such as a school supply subsidy pilot program in Naʻalehu, better pay for teachers, and expanded professional development for HIDOE educators. I am grateful for HSTA’s partnership as I seek reelection to the Senate. Mahalo for your trust and continued support.
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
I am running for the State Senate to continue representing Central Maui because it is critically important to advocate for our education system, affordable housing, and a vibrant economy. The end goal is for local residents to have a future on Maui and not move off the island. I have worked tirelessly to secure funding for Maui initiatives – including our schools, local college, roadways, harbors, airports, and hospital. It will take all of us working together in a collaborative manner and I promise to continue working hard every day.
Aloha, I am Angus L.K. McKelvey, and I humbly ask for your support in continuing to serve you as State Senator for District 6. Born and raised here, my commitment is to the betterment of our state and its people. My priorities include fighting for affordable housing, expanding middle tax relief, and advancing sustainable practices to protect our environment. I have challenged decisions made by distant powers and will continue to demand a transparent, inclusive government. I am dedicated to addressing the ongoing struggles from the Lahaina Wildfires and am committed to ensuring the same doesn’t happen again in any other part of our state. Together, we can ensure a brighter future for Hawaii. Mahalo Nui loa for your support!
I am running to continue my commitment to serving all of Senate District 7, mauka to makai, on each island and ensuring that all of my constituents have access to services and resources no matter where they live.
I am always concerned about funding and support for our schools. Making sure our students are getting the materials and programs they need to thrive and that our teachers have the support they need to assist our students is a top priority of mine. That is why I focus on CIP funds for our HiDOE schools and for our Kaiapuni programs for the schools across the state.
I am committed and willing to work with EVERYONE in our communities to ensure a better future for all of Hawaiʻi Nei.
As senator, I have addressed district priorities: 1) to reduce homelessness/increase affordable housing: helped create a statewide homelessness & housing solutions office building kauhale statewide using $50 million, building a triage/medical detox program serving homeless with mental illness and drug problems, and providing $250 million to build affordable housing; 2) to help our keiki remain here by entering careers through paid internship programs in high school that advance them toward health care, toward state government, and toward technical education jobs and careers, and reduced teacher shortage by increasing teacher compensation to address the compression problem and hard-to-fill special education and rural areas, and; 3) to attack crime by passing bills to increase penalties for driving without a license and/or insurance and treating habitual violent offenders as felons.
Aloha! I’m Brandon Elefante, current member of the Hawaiʻi State Senate, District 16 (‘Aiea, Pearl City, and Hālawa). It has been my life’s great honor to serve in public office for the last 10 years. This past year, I diligently worked alongside my colleagues in the state legislature to address critical issues, from improving access to affordable housing, supporting critical infrastructure projects, and advocating for a cleaner environment. Together, we have achieved significant milestones, but there is still much more we must accomplish. Throughout my years of public service, I have learned the importance of listening to your concerns, collaborating across party lines, and working tirelessly to find common-sense solutions to our most pressing challenges. I believe that my experience, dedication, and passion for our community make me the best choice to continue representing your interests in the State Senate. Mahalo.
Vice President of the Hawaiʻi State Senate, Senator Michelle N. Kidani was first elected to the Hawaiʻi State Senate in 2008 and has served as its Vice President since 2017. She is Chair of the Senate Committee on Education and Vice Chair of the Senate Committee on Higher Education and member of Ways and Means Committee. As the Chair of the Senate Committee on Education, her priority remains supporting teachers and an education system that meets the needs of all of Hawaii’s students through the recruitment and retention of highly-qualified teachers, continue quality early learning education and career pathways or CTE programs for students plan, and strong local leadership.
I am running to continue my work in the Legislature on issues such as workforce development, creating efficiencies in the state’s hiring processes and addressing vacancies across state government. District needs such as economic development, education, public safety and caring for our kupuna are issues of importance. It would be an honor to earn your support and confidence to continue our work together. Mahalo for your consideration.
Aloha! I am a lifelong West Oʻahu resident that has been a champion for safe streets and communities. Iʻm a former Hawaiʻi State Representative that has been an ally to educators and students. Grateful to the educators that have always encouraged me to serve my community.
Aloha HSTA,
Successfully lobbied the Hawaii State Legislator’s for the film tax credit from its infancy for the 10+ years.
Successfully lobbied Linda Lingle to veto a cut to the film tax credit bill passed by the State Legislature.
As a current member of the Oahu Island Burial Council, I was successful in sharing counsel to descendants of the Mokapu Iwi reburial project, on how to proceed on military lands. They were successful after 20 years of negotiations to get what, where, how the iwi is to be reinterred and the military pays for it.
Sorry, this is on my phone as I am on the road.

Respectfully submitted,
Ben Shafer
52.210 Kamehameha Highway
Hauula, Hawaii 96717

I am running for re-election to continue working on the big issues that demand attention and thoughtful leadership in Hawaii, like education, affordable housing, and addressing our cost of living. It has been a privilege serving our community for the last ten years and I humbly ask for your vote!

Hawaiʻi House

I have deep roots in the community and was raised in the district by my parents, the late David and Patricia Keohokapu. I am a proud graduate of Waiākea High School c/o ’88.
For the last eight years, I have worked hand in hand with Hawaiʻi Island residents as a Member of the Hawaiʻi County Council. Before joining the Council, I accumulated 25 years of experience in land use development, environmental permits, and long-range community planning.
Nestled in a culturally rich community, Hilo is the economic and educational center for East Hawaii. It is an ideal place for working families raising the next generation and caring for our kupuna.
I look forward to representing everyone on issues like the economy, education, and healthy environments that serve all, especially our local families. I humbly ask that you Vote for Lee Loy, House District 2.
I’ve done my best over the past eight years to reform our tax code to be friendlier to working class people in our state. Alongside my colleagues, we have significantly decreased the tax burden for middle class families in Hawaii. In addition to supporting pay and quality of life improvements for educators, I am committed to working directly in our schools as a coach and volunteer and will continue to advocate for our schools and working families.
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
Rep. Jeanné Kapela is a passionate defender of working families and our keiki. A graduate of Konawaena High School, Jeanné works tirelessly to uplift our state’s education system, support our hardworking teachers, and empower our children to achieve their highest potential. She is also a steadfast champion for labor rights, environmental preservation, economic fairness, climate resilience, and quality healthcare. As the Chairperson of the Working Families Caucus at the Hawai’i State Legislature, Jeanné is dedicated to providing leadership with aloha to all who call Hawai’i home.
Keeping Hawaiʻi a place that families can proudly call home drives my efforts to create a community with sustainability and aloha as our focus, so that our people, our ʻāina, and our economy can thrive together. In my first two years in office I was able to secure funding to improve our Kona schools and our local hospital as well as fund the Da Bux Program so that SNAP recipients have access to healthier local fruits and vegetables. I passed legislation that will strengthen our biosecurity efforts, grow more entrepreneurs that start in home kitchens, and enhance labeling laws for macadamia nuts and coffee. I plan to continue advocacy efforts for farm to school so our students, teachers, and staff have access to healthier school meals.
I am running for reelection to continue serving my community and to be a voice for West Hawaii on important issues like education, healthcare, affordable housing and the environment. As a former early childhood educator, I understand first hand the importance of education and of supporting educators with adequate pay and resources, and this will remain a top priority for me. One of my accomplishments during my tenure in office since 2012 includes funding the construction of HCC Palamanui, and continuing to grow and support this campus as well as all of our public schools, is something I will continue to work for at the legislature.
Aloha. I am David Tarnas, running for re-election as State Representative for House District 8 where I have lived and worked as a professional environmental planner for nearly 38 years and where my wife and I raised our two children. I just completed my fifth term in office and serve as Chair of the Judiciary and Hawaiian Affairs Committee. This broad range of experience helps me serve effectively.

Reducing the cost of living, supporting affordable housing, public education, public safety and environmental protection, and reducing wildfire risk were top priorities this past session. To address these, we significantly reduced income taxes, exempted Medicare, Medicaid and Tricare-funded medical and dental care from GET, increased the supply of affordable housing and reduced wildfire risk. I also secured funds for the new Waikoloa Library, expand North Kohala healthcare facilities, repair Kawaihae North Small Boat Harbor, replace Waiaka Bridge, and improve Waimea’s roads. There’s more work to do and I ask for your vote so I can continue this work.

I have be honored and privileged to work side by side with HSTA on decompression, permanent differentials, and overall wage increases. There is still much to do. Mahalo nui loa for your consideration.
As a dedicated advocate for our community, I am running for State House District 10 to ensure every voice is heard and every student has access to quality education. My accomplishments include successfully securing funding for our local schools and implementing community outreach programs. I have also championed $20,000,000 for the planning and design of a new elementary and middle school facilities in Central Maui. Additionally, I have worked tirelessly to advocate on initiatives for workforce housing for our educators, ensuring they can live in the communities they serve. I am committed to fostering an inclusive and equitable environment where all can thrive.
Representative Terez Amato (T.Amato) said, “As a huge union supporter, I’m deeply honored and grateful that our teachers, the people to whom we entrust our keiki, indeed our future, trust me, endorse me and are again supporting me.”

We must all together stand up and fight for our community, and never allow opponents to be elected who will vote against food for students, against pay raises for teachers and other union members, and give anything less than 100% effort to supporting teachers, unions and education.

You deserve a Representative who refuses all corporate and lobbyist money and is #WorkingForThePeople, one like me who has stood up and vocally supported and voted for every single education and teacher bill, obtained affordable workforce teacher housing, CIP school improvement funds, new DOE positions and 100% consistently supported pay and step increases for all teachers.

Representative Terez Amato (T.Amato)

Aloha, my name is Kyle Yamashita and I humbly ask for your support in the upcoming election. It has been a privilege to represent upcountry Maui in the State House since 2004 and I will continue to work hard to support our local families. As Chair of the House Finance Committee, my top priority is helping our community to recover from the devastating 2023 wildfires. I am also working to keep our State in a strong financial position so that we can continue to provide core government services, such as education, health care and public safety. Please feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns, I’m happy to connect with you.
Aloha! As the State House Representative for District 13, I am running for reelection in order to continue my commitment to ensure that the quality of life for our residents and the health of the environment are brought to the forefront of decision making. I believe that a strong public education system is the foundation on which thriving and inclusive modern societies are built, and that public education policies must aim to address the needs of the whole child. During my first term I introduced or supported numerous measures proposing investments in our education system including a bill to provide housing assistance vouchers for teachers, and a bill for a constitutional amendment to create a new funding source for public education by taxing investment properties. I look forward to continuing my strong advocacy for teachers and education in Hawai’i. To learn more about me visit VoteMahina.com. Mahalo nui, Mahina
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
I’m running for reelection to help improve the quality of life for Hawaii’s residents. By building more workforce housing, addressing the root causes of homelessness, supporting universal preschool education and public education, diversifying our economy, and caring for our natural resources, Hawaii’s residents can grow and thrive. Thank you for your support.
I’m committed to doing all that I can to make housing affordable and improve our quality of life. By simplifying regulations, encouraging residential development in and around our existing towns, enhancing pedestrian infrastructure, and supporting multigenerational households, we can build vibrant, sustainable communities. This will lower housing costs, keep families together, preserve agricultural land, reduce carbon emissions, and decrease inequality.

On the Kaua’i County Council, I passed dozens of bills related to affordable housing, including legislation eliminating permitting fees for Additional Rental Units, allocating 2% of property tax revenue towards affordable housing, and providing over $1 million in annual rebates for cesspool conversion.

In the legislature, I passed significant statewide zoning reform bills, aiming to make it easier for families to build multigenerational housing, reduce permitting fees, legalize residential development in all commercial areas, and facilitate the conversion of commercial buildings to residential.

14 years ago, I ran for office with the commitment to protect worker rights and benefits. With 36 years of HGEA involvement, I respected and appreciated union workers and valued their commitment to the public. Educators especially, make the greatest contribution to society. They are the key to future success, and for that I am extremely grateful and I will continue to support them.
Since I served in the Peace Corps as a teacher and the principal of a school, I have always wanted to make a difference and is why I have run for office. I have helped Hawaii Kai remain the community it wants to be by pushing back with the community on having a Strip Mall on the Great Lawn, a Luana Kai development overshadowing our Kalama Valley Community, and keeping the Cabins off of the Ka Iwi Coast. My office has also championed three larger causes: 1) Hawaiian Issues and fulfilling the many broken promises to our host culture; 2) A.L.I.C.E. families, who make up nearly half of our population and are the working poor who cannot afford a roof over their head, nor food on the table, and we have let them down as the stewards of their government; and lastly; 3) Diversification of our economy is a top priority of my office and I continually push for Hawaii becoming the “Hollywood of the Pacific” with high paying jobs, as well as becoming the “Space Tourism Center of the Pacific,” but the legislature is out of touch with how much poverty it has allowed to grow up around us and homelessness increasing yearly and 15,000 residents vacating our islands annually. Life is not so ono, when you’re not very pono doing our jobs, and likely explains why the legislature has about an 18% approval rating. I am running for office to continue to improve all of the above as much as I am capable of doing.
I was successful in getting funding for the new language arts building for Niu Valley MS, girls locker room, wrestling room and track and field for Kalani HS.

I am also a product of Hawaii’s public school system. I went to Kaahumanu Elementary, Washington Intermediate, and McKinley HS.

Born and raised on Oahu, Tina Nakada Grandinetti, PhD., is running to help build a future where local families can afford to stay in Hawaii and raise our keiki to care for our precious lands and waters. She has dedicated her career to understanding Hawaii’s housing and homelessness crisis, and as a postdoctoral fellow working at a national policy institute, she brings valuable experience advancing equitable housing policies that meet the needs of working families. Previously, she managed the office of Representative Perruso, where she worked closely with advocates to draft & advance policies on housing, food systems, education, and tax fairness. Tina also has a demonstrated record of community organizing, having worked to educate youth, prevent the displacement of local families, Shut Down Red Hill, and protect ʻāina for future generations. She strongly believes that good governance brings us all together to work toward the common good.
As a fourth generation Japanese American born and raised in this district, I am proud to call District 21 my home and am honored to serve as its representative for four years. Driven by a vision to create a Hawaii where local families can stay and thrive, I’ve advocated for legislation to grow affordable housing for locals, increase funding for public education programs and infrastructure, and eliminate bureaucratic inefficiencies. If elected to serve another term, I hope to work on these issues as well as healthcare workforce development, condominium governance, and converting underutilized state properties to affordable housing.
As a proud product of Hawaii’s public schools (Mililani Waena Elementary, Wheeler Middle School and Mililani High School), Andrew knows a high-quality education is within grasp for every child in Hawaii. He is committed to ensuring that fully-qualified, well-compensated educators are present in every classroom throughout the state, and believes every student deserves to learn in 21st century facilities. In his first term, he advocated for and secured capital improvement funding for the public schools within House District 22, including Mānoa, Noelani and Hōkūlani elementary schools.
My name is Ian Ross, and I’m running for House District 23, located in the heart of Honolulu. Using my experience as a Neighborhood Board Chair, community organizer, and public health advocate, I want to bridge the divide between community and government with a collaborative leadership style. We need to give teachers and our keiki the resources and services that they need to succeed and thrive. I also believe in putting community first by providing truly affordable housing for our state’s residents and reducing homelessness through a comprehensive approach.
I’m humbled and lucky to represent District 24 and I’m excited to seek re-election once again for another term. My biggest accomplishment was securing critical CIP funding for schools in my district, advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, and for a better quality of life for my constituents. I’m also proud of the working relationship that I have with the members of HSTA.
My name is Scott Saiki and I am running to serve as the state representative for House District 25. I am running for elected office because I believe in the power of public service to positively impact our State and my community. I have a deep-rooted commitment to improving my community and ensuring that Hawaii’s children receive a good education and our teachers are valued.

I believe I can continue to get things done for our community and our State. I understand the concerns of the people who live in House District 25 with me and know that they want safe communities, opportunities, and a good quality of life.

This year I was proud to secure funding to expand a student mental health and wellness pilot program for public school students. The YMCA will implement voluntary screenings, help youth identify moods or emotions to be self-aware of their mental health, and teach coping strategies or communication techniques. With reports of stress, sadness, and overall poor mental health hitting a critical point, it is more important than ever we ensure keiki maintain a healthy body and mind to give them the best chance at success.
Aloha. As a product of this district and one who cares very deeply about the future of our urban core here in Honolulu, I am seeking re-election to continue to help and assist the constituents of District 28 as their public servant. We recently passed the largest tax cut in state history but there is much more to be done especially in the areas of public safety and education reform in our public schools.

I believe it is important to stay connected in our community and I have had a great opportunity for the past couple years to work as a Community Outreach specialist at Palama Settlement where I truly am able to engage with our keiki who are most in need on a daily basis.

It has truly been an honor and a privilege to represent my community in the legislature and humbly ask for your support.

During our 2024 Legislative session, I am grateful to Governor Green and my colleagues in passing the largest tax cut of $5 billion in our State’s history, along with the caregiver pay raise bill of $15.5 million which represents their first pay raise in 16 years and our bill eliminating the GET (tax) on health care under health plans for Medicaid, Medicare and TriCare. I will continue to support our Teachers because they develop our most precious resource, our Keiki, because our Keiki represents our State’s future. Mahalo Teachers!
Sonny Ganaden is committed to uplifting working families and our children. Aa an attorney for underserved communities, he understands the importance of putting people at the heart of policymaking. He is devoted to building genuinely affordable housing, strengthening social services, ending the school-to-prison pipeline, and protecting Hawai’i’s lands for the public trust. He is proud to fight for a future that delivers prosperity and justice to all.
Aloha! My name is Linda Ichiyama and it has been an honor to serve as your State Representative since 2010. I was born and raised in Salt Lake and I am proud to call it home. I graduated from Salt Lake Elementary School, Moanalua Middle School, Moanalua High School, then Georgetown University and UH Manoa William S. Richardson School of Law. I work closely with our area legislators to improve our schools, like the new MoHS Performing Arts Center and baseball/softball field. I humbly ask for your support in this 2024 election. Please feel free to contact me at repichiyama@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.
I am running for elected office because I believe in the power of community-driven change. Throughout my life, I have seen the positive impact that dedicated individuals can have when they work together to address challenges and create opportunities for everyone. My mom, Senator Donna Mercado Kim, is my role model. I am running to be a voice for those who feel unheard, to advocate for policies that promote equity and justice, and to ensure that our government works for the people, not special interests. I am running because I believe that our community deserves leadership that is honest, transparent, and accountable. I will work tirelessly to build trust with the people I serve and to ensure that their voices are heard in every decision I make.
We must support our teachers! They help guide and mold our keiki, which truly holds the future of Hawaii.
I am seeking reelection to the State House, where I have served for 12 years, after a career as a journalist and communications director for the late U.S. Senator Dan Inouye and UH Manoa.

My legislative accomplishments include authoring laws for State assistance to family caregivers (the first in the nation), creation of the corrections oversight commission to improve prisons and jails, and reduction of illegal aerial fireworks through a State task force.

I am especially proud of helping secure more than $60 million for improvements to Pearl City schools for new classrooms, modern education technology and air-conditioning. With support of the HSTA, I hope to continue my advocacy for education.

I have also helped increase State funding for senior programs that enable frail elderly to live safely at home, with delivered meals, home care services and transportation.

Aloha! I am running to continue representing State House District 35 in the Legislature. This last session, I took over the role of House co-convener for the Legislative Kūpuna Caucus that worked to fund kūpuna programs and also worked towards building up our state’s long term care program. I also championed work on mental health issues by focusing on provider shortages by easing the financial burdens on the path to licensure for psychologists, social workers, and marriage and family therapists. I want to continue working on these issues along with the work I’ve done in the community to make our neighborhoods a better place to live. Mahalo for your support!
Aloha, I’m Rachele Lamosao, and I’m seeking re-election to represent State House District 36, covering part of Waipahū. Raised by hardworking Filipino immigrants in Waipahū, I’m dedicated to improving life in Hawaiʻi.

As Vice Chair of the House Economic Development Committee, I have championed initiatives benefiting working families, such as increases in the Earned Income Tax Credit, Food Excise Tax Credit, and Childcare Tax Credit. I also worked on reducing income taxes, increasing payments for community-based care homes, and addressing period poverty in our state. If re-elected, I am committed to continuing to drive positive changes that support our community and working families.

Mahalo for your support.

My wife, Jessica and I are raising our daughter, Maggie, here in Mililani and we’re deeply invested in our community’s future. As a parent, I am concerned about our community’s safety, cost of living, economic challenges, and the well-being of our future generations.
Hawaiʻi cannot afford to lose our local families for better opportunities elsewhere. Each time our keiki leaves our islands, we lose the promise of our community’s future. When our kupuna leave Hawaiʻi, we lose our roots, cultural wisdom, and our shared history. I am committed to our community and will fight to bring opportunities to our state to empower our keiki and families for a brighter future. With your vote and support, I will work tirelessly to ensure Central Oʻahu remains and will continue to be a safe and desirable place we proudly call home.
It has been a privilege serving Mililani as in the Hawai‘i State House for the past 12 years. Born and raised in Mililani, this community is my heart. Since being elected in 2012, I have worked to gain the experience necessary to be an effective representative in the legislature. Open communication with you remains my top priority, ensuring your voices shape policy on important issues such as the high cost of living, housing, education, homelessness, and government transparency. Mililani is where I was raised, and where my husband and I have chosen to raise our children. I know that the decisions we make today will impact generations to come. I am dedicated to our state and I humbly thank you for your continued support.
Corey Rosenlee is a dedicated public servant who cares deeply about the well-being of our children. As a lifelong teacher and former President of HSTA, Corey is devoted to delivering the schools our keiki deserve and championing our state’s hardworking teachers. He also strongly supports efforts to make Hawai’i more affordable for working families, reduce homelessness, and combat climate change. A tireless advocate for the labor community, Corey is committed to producing real solutions to the problems faced by Hawai’i’s residents.
I am currently the State House Representative of District 40 (Iroquois, Ewa Gentry and Westloch Fairways), serving as the Vice Chair of Culture, Arts and International Affairs, Member of Committees in Education, Higher Education & Technology and Labor & Government Operations. In the legislature, I am proud to author the Malama Puuloa license plate bill restoring abundance to Pearl Harbor, the primary program of Hui o Ho’ohonua (HOH808) in hosting workdays, educating local youth through aina based programs and creating a lei of partnerships to support local collaborative goals.
I am seeking re-election to continue serving the community and to continue projects I have started in my district, specially the Capital Improvement Projects I secured funding for James Campbell High School on going construction of the track and field and girl’s locker room; Ilima Elementary School planning and design for parking lot; Pohakea Elementary for the reconstruction of the fence and parking lot; Holomua Elementary for the planning and design for classroom and Iroquois construction of the fence and sewer system.
Having healthy relationship with city and county departments, I was able to provide solutions to my constituents concerns.
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
Aloha: I’m Anthony Makana Paris. Raised in Nānākuli and now a homeowner in Kapolei, I come from a labor family, and I have worked with the ironworkers for the last 13 years. I have degrees in engineering, theology, and law from MIT, Santa Clara, and UH’s Richardson School of Law. I serve our community as Chair of the Makakilo/Kapolei/Honokai Hale Neighborhood Board, First Vice President of the Association of Hawaiian Civic Clubs, and Board Member for the Waiʻanae Coast Comprehensive Health Center.

Our communities struggle with grueling traffic, unaffordable housing, crime, disappearing jobs, aging and climate-vulnerable infrastructure, and underfunded education. Addressing these means building a place for local families by addressing food security; expanding shoreline parks and protecting watersheds; repairing infrastructure; finishing Honolulu Rail; and funding OHA and DHHL as part of a statewide solution for affordable housing.

Together, we can leave Hawaiʻi better for future generations. Mahalo.

Aloha! I am running for re-election for State Representative District 43, Makakilo and Kapolei. I grew up in Kapolei and have resided in District 43 for over 33 years, which means I am truly a part of the fabric of our community. With my background as an attorney, I have a strong understanding of law and policy and the ability to advocate for my constituents at the Hawaiʻi State Legislature. I hold a Master of Education degree (M.Ed.) and am a former lecturer at the University of Hawaiʻi West Oʻahu. As such, I have tremendous respect for our teachers and their dedication to our students. In my first term after being elected in 2022, I have proven that I can work effectively in a bipartisan manner to help our community thrive and bring people together. I look forward to your support as we create meaningful change for Hawaiʻi. Mahalo nui!
Aloha! I’m Darius Kila, and I humbly ask for your support to continue representing District 44 in the House of Representatives. Serving Māʻili, Nānākuli, Koʻolina, and Honokai Hale since 2022 has been an honor and privilege.

I pride myself as an independent-minded legislator who always fights for our community’s best interests. In my first term, I passed legislation promoting government transparency, securing funding for Alzheimer’s support, expediting Maui’s recovery, reducing consumer costs, and ending predatory towing practices.

I’ve demonstrated leadership as Vice Chair of the House Committee on Transportation, member of the Housing and Finance Committees, Co-Chair of the Wildfire Prevention Working Group, Chair of the Oʻahu Metropolitan Planning Organization, and member of the Hawai’i Interagency Council on Homelessness.

If re-elected, I’ll uphold open accessibility, community engagement, public safety enhancement, infrastructure improvement, advocacy for our kūpuna, and support for our youth and schools.

My experiences in our schools and living in our community, particularly during these unprecedented times, have fueled my desire to run for office. We need strong advocates who understand our unique challenges and can bring positive change. I am committed to ensuring that our children, families, and community have the support and resources they need to thrive.
I am running for reelection to continue advocating for quality education, regenerative agriculture, and robust civic engagement in Hawaii. My tenure has been marked by significant strides in these areas, including advancing education policies that prioritize our students’ future and promoting sustainable farming practices that support local farmers. My endorsements from the public workers’ unions reflect my commitment to workers’ rights and fair labor practices. Together, we can build a stronger, more resilient community for all.
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
I have had the honor of serving my hometown on the Windward side since 2018 and I would like to continue collaborating with the community to bring about positive change. Since being elected to office, I have been able to support my district by introducing and passing legislation that supports our community’s schools and protects our natural resources, as well as advocated for approximately $240 million in operating and capital improvement project funding for my communities. I have also addressed community issues, such as our growing homeless population, concerns over cesspools, and little fire ant infestations.
I am a former 7th grade science teacher (Nanakuli High and Intermediate School) and am currently Chair of the Labor and Government Operations Committee, where I seek to fill vacant state positions to improve government services, set labor policy to balance both public and private interests, and improve government efficiency. I have brought in over $145 million in district projects since I took office, the majority of that for my district’s schools. I have been active in my district, organizing drive thru flu shot clinics, war memorial restorations, ewaste recycle drives, stream cleanups, and Castle Complex school supply drives. During the pandemic, I brought the Farm to Car program to Windward Mall, allowing farmers to safely sell produce boxes directly to residents. I also passed Farm to State legislation, requiring the State to purchase an increasing percentage of its produce from local sources, which includes school cafeterias. I always seek to bring my experiences teaching in the classroom to the State Capitol.
Either the HSTA Board of Directors took no position on this race or candidates did not ask for recommendations from the HSTA.
Aloha teachers. I ran to become a State Representative four years ago because I wanted to have a vote on the many issues I was already working on as a community resident. These include environmental education (in collaboration with our schools!), conservation, energy policy, homelessness and health care. Now as Chair of Human Services I am able to dig in deeper to issues of mental health, homelessness, and poverty. I have a Doctorate in Public Health and decades of work experience that I am happy to put to good use shaping policy.

In 2020, the union started to make select recommendations at the county level with the understanding that county decisions can impact education, and all leaders should prioritize our keiki and our families.

Honolulu City Council

Scott’s roots run deep in our community. He attended KCAA Preschool Mother Rice in Moiliili, Manoa Elementary, St. Louis School, and graduated from Mid-Pacific Institute. Scott received both his undergraduate and law degrees from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, where he was elected Student Body President in 1996.

In 2002, Scott began his career of public service when he was first elected to the Hawaii State House of Representatives. For the past 22 years, he has delivered results and needed resources to the community in this capacity. In the last 10 years alone, Scott has helped to secure more than $260 million to support community groups and provide funding for a variety of projects, including a new auditorium at Kaimuki High, athletic field improvements at McKinley High, and a new band room at Washington Middle.

Aloha, I’m Radiant Cordero and I’m running for re-election to the Honolulu City Council, and have also held roles in local nonprofits, media, and hospitality industries. These experiences have shaped my understanding of community dynamics and needs, therefore, in working collaboratively with neighbors, organizations, and schools, I have engaged directly with the community to identify and address district issues. As Councilmember, I served as Chair of Transportation, Sustainability, Health and am now the Chair of Budget. I know the importance of ensuring your voice is strong in Honolulu Hale and will advocate for our district’s diverse needs and ensure efficient resource allocation for vital projects including public safety initiatives, park improvements, and essential infrastructure development – all of which affect our quality of lives.