Update your contact information with HSTA online

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If you have not already done so, please create an account on NEA edCommunities and ensure your information, especially your mailing address, is up to date. Important information will be sent to the addresses on file, e.g., voter information our HSTA elections in February, and contract negotiations and ratification.

Initial successor contract proposals exchanged; COVID-19 negotiations unproductive

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These negotiations updates on the governor’s imposed furloughs, negotiations for HSTA’s next contract, and COVID-19 impact negotiations for school year 2020–21 could potentially impact your working conditions and future compensation.

Share your thoughts, concerns, feedback as HSTA’s Negotiations Team prepares to bargain

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Given the current impact of COVID-19 on the state of Hawaii's financial outlook, HSTA anticipates bargaining will be difficult. We believe the state will come to the bargaining table with proposals for cost savings. In order to gather as much input as possible, we are offering several opportunities for members to provide feedback.

HSTA submits proposal as new round of COVID-19 impact bargaining begins

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In the last few weeks, a number of developments have occurred regarding the Hawaii State Teachers Association’s collective bargaining agreement (contract) with the state of Hawaii. Currently, there are three different areas of negotiation that could potentially impact your working conditions and future compensation.

Governor warns of potential pay cuts, however any salary reductions require bargaining

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Yesterday afternoon, Gov. David Ige met with leaders of Hawaii’s six public worker unions, including the Hawaii State Teachers Association. Because of the pandemic, Ige said the state expects to be billions of dollars in deficit, and additional steps need to be taken to balance the budget.

HSTA, HIDOE head back to the bargaining table over COVID-19

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The Hawaii State Teachers Association is pleased to report a positive development in our prohibited practice complaint regarding the state’s refusal to bargain over rapidly changing coronavirus threats to our members.

HSTA Negotiations Committee 2020 annual report

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Read a brief overview of the Negotiations Committee and Team with highlights of the past year as well as several concerns as we head into what would be the next round of bargaining of the successor agreement of Unit 5’s collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

Ige says he’s considering ‘other options’ to pay cuts he calls a ‘last resort’

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For the first time since his administration floated the unwise idea of 20-percent pay cuts for state employees, including educators, Gov. David Ige appears to be considering a federal low-interest loan program suggested by the Hawaii State Teachers Association (HSTA) and other unions to avoid those reductions.

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