BU05 members should not be assigned work related to summer school, programs

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No Bargaining Unit 05 employee should be given work related to summer programming as part of their position as a 10-month or 12-month employee under the HSTA collective bargaining agreement.

State backs off across-the-board pay cuts; smaller paychecks still on the table

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While your HSTA Negotiations Team is pleased to report that the employer is no longer proposing a large, across-the-board pay cut, the state still wants to eliminate key memoranda of understanding (MOUs) and differentials, which would result in reduced pay and loss of important protections.

Share your thoughts, concerns, feedback as HSTA’s Negotiations Team prepares to bargain

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Given the current impact of COVID-19 on the state of Hawaii's financial outlook, HSTA anticipates bargaining will be difficult. We believe the state will come to the bargaining table with proposals for cost savings. In order to gather as much input as possible, we are offering several opportunities for members to provide feedback.

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