Act now so the governor doesn’t veto $2,200 teacher payments

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HSTA is extremely grateful to state lawmakers for unanimously approving a school budget bill that includes one-time $2,200 payments to teachers to help combat the teacher shortage crisis and stabilize the state’s teaching force. Now, we have to convince Gov. David Ige to sign the measure into law.

Governor calls off state furloughs, layoffs after president signs $1.9T COVID-19 bill

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Gov. David Ige announced Thursday that state government furloughs and layoffs are no longer necessary now that President Joe Biden has signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 relief bill.

HSTA holds live briefing, Q&A session on furlough threat

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On Dec. 28, HSTA held a live briefing to inform members on furlough threats, our response, and other COVID-19-related updates and actions. Several developments have occurred relating to the governor’s threat of furloughing state employees.

Stimulus bills prohibit state from reducing public education budgets

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Congress prohibited budget cuts to public education in Hawaii in its multibillion-dollar pandemic stimulus bills, making illegal the governor and school superintendent’s plans to slash millions from public school budgets next year and lay off more than 1,000 school employees, the Hawaii State Teachers Associated revealed at a news conference Tuesday.

Governor delays furloughs until ‘at least July 1’

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Gov. David Ige announced Tuesday afternoon he will delay furloughs for state employees to July 1. The Hawaii State Department of Education confirmed to HSTA that the furlough delay applies to HIDOE employees.

Governor delays furloughs; Jan. 4 teacher workday restored with pay

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On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. David Ige announced he will delay furloughs for state employees, prompting the Hawaii State Department of Education to inform employees that “the scheduled Jan. 4 furlough day will no longer be implemented.”

Board of Education comes out strongly against school furloughs

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Members of the Hawaii State Board of Education Thursday said they oppose school employee furloughs, and several went so far as to ask the governor to rescind the furloughs since members of Congress are finalizing a pandemic aid package that contains more than $54 billion for public schools.

HSTA President Corey Rosenlee’s BOE testimony on the dangers of furloughs

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“The Hawaii State Teachers Association requests that the Board of Education stand with our keiki and write a letter urging Gov. David Ige to prevent destructive furloughs and protect public education funding for our keiki.”

Initial successor contract proposals exchanged; COVID-19 negotiations unproductive

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These negotiations updates on the governor’s imposed furloughs, negotiations for HSTA’s next contract, and COVID-19 impact negotiations for school year 2020–21 could potentially impact your working conditions and future compensation.

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