Governor calls off state furloughs, layoffs after president signs $1.9T COVID-19 bill

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Gov. David Ige announced Thursday that state government furloughs and layoffs are no longer necessary now that President Joe Biden has signed the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan, also known as the COVID-19 relief bill.

HSTA holds live briefing, Q&A session on furlough threat

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On Dec. 28, HSTA held a live briefing to inform members on furlough threats, our response, and other COVID-19-related updates and actions. Several developments have occurred relating to the governor’s threat of furloughing state employees.

Governor restores $123M of school cuts, but layoffs, $140M in reductions still loom

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While the governor's restoration of $123 million in school cuts is an improvement, the Hawaii Department of Education still faces roughly $140 million in cuts with hundreds of potential layoffs, the Hawaii State Teachers Association’s president said.

Testimony: Federal stimulus law prohibits cuts to public education

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The Hawaii State Teachers Association strongly urges the Hawaii State Board of Education to delay approving the Hawaii State Department of Education’s stimulus funds plan. If passed, the HIDOE plan will violate recently passed federal law, Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021 (H.R. 133), hurt relations with the state Legislature, and cause long-term, lasting damage to Hawaii’s keiki and their teachers.

Submit testimony to BOE to stop budget, position cuts, and private tutoring

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We want to inform board members not only about the impacts budget reductions and proposed position cuts will have on our teachers and students, but that federal funds should not be used to hire private tutors while the state may fire more than 1,000 qualified teachers and other public school staff.

Governor delays furloughs until ‘at least July 1’

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Gov. David Ige announced Tuesday afternoon he will delay furloughs for state employees to July 1. The Hawaii State Department of Education confirmed to HSTA that the furlough delay applies to HIDOE employees.

Governor delays furloughs; Jan. 4 teacher workday restored with pay

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On Wednesday afternoon, Gov. David Ige announced he will delay furloughs for state employees, prompting the Hawaii State Department of Education to inform employees that “the scheduled Jan. 4 furlough day will no longer be implemented.”

Frequently asked questions about the HIDOE’s illegal furloughs

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The Hawaii State Teachers Association is pursuing legal action regarding violations of the contract caused by imposed furloughs. Pending further developments, HSTA has developed a list of frequently asked questions, including information regarding public charter teachers.

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