The Hawaii State Teachers Association is committed to keeping our members updated and informed.

Member Matters is a weekly email newsletter sent every Friday during the school year (with the exception of fall, winter and spring breaks), and every other Friday over the summer.

Items typically include:

  • Information regarding your wages and benefits
  • Upcoming events and deadlines
  • Professional resources and growth opportunities
  • Inspirational stories about our members

In addition to our Member Matters email, we also send out urgent notices that cover important updates and member-exclusive messages regarding, for example, contract and pay changes.

Download a one-page instruction sheet

Our emails aim to ensure members receive accurate information as quickly as possible. We’ve redesigned them to be simple, focused, and easy to read with content that matters to you.

Here’s what you need to do to sign up.

Create an online account on

Current members who have not already done so must create an online account.

If you have not registered on HSTA’s website since July 16, 2018, you must re-register for a new online account. Submit a registration request here.

Registration is required to access member-exclusive areas of HSTA’s website, including information on special discounts, professional development, employee rights and support resources. Once your account information has been submitted, the HSTA must verify that you are an HSTA member.

If you don’t have your HSTA Member ID readily available, please submit an online contact form for assistance.

When your application is authorized, you will receive notification that you can access password-protected portions of our site.

Why doesn’t my password work?

If you are an active member who registered prior to July 2018 and attempt to log onto the website using your old credentials, you will receive an error message. You need to create a new account here.

On Feb. 5, 2021, we launched a new website. For security purposes, if you were a registered user on our previous website, you will need to reset your password to continue accessing our restricted, members-only content. View our password reset instructions here.

If you type in your email address and see the message, “Error: There is no account with that username or email address,” you may have previously registered with another email address or you are not registered at all.

Subscribe to Member Matters with your personal email address.

Once you’ve established your online account, click here to subscribe to Member Matters. This link will only work if you have a registered account and are logged in. You can also find it by clicking on the News tab, then Sign Up for E-Newsletter in the drop-down menu.

Please be sure to enter your personal email address and not your school or work email address. HSTA does not send communication via work channels, and school email addresses will be purged from our contact list.

Why am I not receiving Member Matters emails?

Registering for a web account does not automatically subscribe you to Member Matters. Please follow the steps above to subscribe with your personal email address. Similarly, changing the email address attached to your HSTA website account will not change your Member Matters email subscription.

We may not have your current, primary email address in our database. This is possible if you subscribed a long time ago and have since starting using a different account. If you’re not sure, please submit an online contact form for assistance.

Your email service may be placing these emails in a different folder or category, e.g., Promotions. Search your account using the keywords HSTA Member Matters. If you click on an email, it should tell you where the email is located in your account. Move the email to your inbox and mark it as important. Future Member Matters emails should now be delivered to your primary inbox.

Check your junk mail or spam folder. If you don’t typically open emails from us, your email service provider will likely place them in your junk mail folder. Some providers have a tendency to reject our emails altogether, which means you may never receive them. If you notice you are no longer receiving Member Matters emails, please submit an online contact form for assistance.

Here’s a possible solution for Gmail users:

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