Charter, Bylaws and Resolutions

The CBR Committee’s primary functions are:

  • To conduct a continuing review the Association’s governing documents and recommend appropriate changes;
  • Propose, receive, review, place in proper form, and recommend action on amendments to the Association’s charter and bylaws; and
  • Propose, receive, review, place in proper form, and recommend disposition of resolutions and new business items for the Convention.

Each chapter may have up to two representatives (CBR chairs) on the committee. These chairs can explain the procedures and assist chapter members in understanding and developing proposals to be presented at Convention.

Resolution: A resolution is defined as a main motion written in a formal manner which states HSTA’s position on an issue. It is a formal expression of opinion, intent, belief, or position which indicates the direction in which the Association should be moving. A resolution deals with policy rather than implementation.

New Business Item: A new business item is defined as a main motion in a formal manner which requires action specific in nature and terminal in application. A new business item deals with implementation rather than policy.

Amendment: An amendment is a revision to the HSTA Bylaws or Article of Incorporation.

Members interested in submitting a proposal for consideration at the HSTA Convention should contact their chapter’s committee chair or chapter president for more information.

Charter, Bylaws and Resolutions (CBR) Committee 2022–23:

  • State Chair: Stacey Chang
  • Honolulu: Jenn Nakamoto
  • Central: Kristina Lee
  • Central: Gerald Dar
  • Leeward: Vacant
  • Leeward: Vacant
  • Windward: Karin Hansen Del Rey
  • Hilo: Cheney Kaku
  • Kona: Val Pires
  • Kohala: Vacant
  • Hamakua: Kelsey Rasmuson
  • Maui: Eric Iwasaki
  • Maui: Nanna Lindberg
  • Molokai: Tes Kaulia
  • Lanai: Daisy Dela Rosa
  • Lanai: Mar Dela Rosa
  • Kauai: Russell Josephson
  • HSTA-R: Sally Mangca
  • HSTA-R: Joan Parker
  • Board Rep: Berta Akiu
  • Board Rep: Jill Jacobs

You can make a difference! Click here to view the forms and checklist that are used to submit ideas at HSTA’s Convention.