Job opportunities

The Hawaiʻi State Department of Education (HIDOE) is the only statewide public school district in the country. It consists of 256 public schools and 37 charter schools with about 180,000 students. There are approximately 22,000 permanent full-time staff, including 13,000 teachers. Anyone who seeks to work for the HIDOE must register with its online eHR system and create a profile. Click here to view the HIDOE’s current job availability and apply for a position.

When it comes to teachers, librarians, and counselors, the HIDOE looks for “candidates with personal involvement in making school improvements through dedicated, creative collaboration — at all levels of the school system. We make it a priority to fill positions with teachers who have achieved the Hawaii Qualified designation.”

Each public charter school does its own hiring. If you are interested in working at a public charter school, visit the Hawaiʻi Public Charter School Commission’s website for more information.

Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board

All HIDOE and public charter school teachers, librarians, and counselors must have a license. If no licensed teacher is available, the school may hire an emergency hire teacher. There is a penalty for both the teacher and the administrator if a person is teaching without the proper license or permit.

Visit the Hawaiʻi Teacher Standards Board’s website for more information.

Moving to Hawaiʻi

Relocating is a difficult process, especially if you’re moving to Hawaiʻi. The State of Hawaiʻi’s newcomer’s guide offers information on traveling and shipping, vehicle registration, getting a driver’s license, how to transport your pets, and more


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