2017-2018 EES manual is online

The Department of Education’s EES Manual for 2017-2018 has gone live on the DOE website.

An electronic version of the manual can access the manual via this link: http://www.hawaiipublicschools.org/DOE%20Forms/Educator%20Effectivness/EESManual.pdf

In addition, an official memo about the manual’s release should be available on the DOE memos site. All BU05 DOE employees should receive an email blast on their first day back – August 1—in their personal email, with the link.

The manual has multiple hyperlinks embedded, something that HSTA advocated for, to make use of an electronic version helpful.  There is one link that was not yet live as of late July, that is the expedited appeals forms and process for 2018 – the parties have agreed that some of the forms need to be improved to clarify the process for both teachers and administrators. We will be working on that in the coming weeks and it will be live after that.

HSTA would like to extend great appreciation for the work of the following people who represented the HSTA on the Joint EES Committee and just completed their terms on June 30:  RJ Rodriguez, Terry Holck, Joan Lewis and Diane Mokuau. Their feedback and review of the manual are much appreciated.

Under our new contract, tenured, effective or better teachers will be streamlined (IPDP only) over the next two school years. Student learner outcomes (SLOs) will be discontinued for tenured, effective teachers. The DOE is continuing the current EES system for non-tenured, less-than-effective and teachers with no rating. A joint committee will work with the new superintendent to “improve and develop a high quality teacher evaluation system” to begin in the 2019-2020 school year.