Distribution of HIDOE Form 5 Notification of Personnel Action

Hard copies will be distributed to schools, PDFs emailed to individual teachers

The Hawaii State Department of Education notified the Hawaii State Teachers Association that the Notification of Personnel Action (a.k.a. Form 5) for teachers* for school year 2020–21 will be printed the first week of June and distributed to schools.

This distribution is a bit later than normal as a result of the postponed Teacher Assignment and Transfer (TATP) schedule.

Teachers are being asked to check their Gmail accounts and sign, date, and return the attached contracts (both the front and back pages) as soon as possible in one of the following ways: 1. Download the attachment, e-sign and date it, and then email it back; 2. Download the attachment, print it out, sign and date it, and send it back via email or postal mail; or 3. Email the Teacher Recruitment Unit and request that a hard copy be sent to a specified address.

In addition, in response to HSTA’s request, the HIDOE will email a PDF copy of the Form 5 to each teacher via their k12.hi.us email account. While most teachers will not be on campus when the hard copy forms arrive, the emailed PDF copy will help notify teachers of their 2020–21 status in a timely manner.

If teachers want their hard copy Form 5 prior to returning to campus in the fall, they may arrange with their administrator to pick up the document. Teachers may also provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope to the school and request the form be mailed.

*Non-tenured teachers will receive their forms later in the summer. Distribution will depend on employment and contract status. Please see this HIDOE memo for more information.

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