DOE, UH offer scholarship stipend to emergency hires, substitutes and EAs

The application deadline is Oct. 1

The Department of Education (DOE), Office of Talent Management (OTM), formerly Office of Human Resources, in partnership with the University of Hawaii at Manoa (UHM), College of Education (COE), is pleased to announce a scholarship stipend opportunity for emergency hire teachers, substitute teachers, and educational assistants on all islands at a secondary school with a bachelor’s degree.  Employees must demonstrate content knowledge in one of the following federal teacher shortage areas: 

  • · Mathematics
    · Science
    · English
    · World Languages
    · Hawaiian Language

The following content areas may also be eligible and considered for scholarship stipend: 

  • · Art
    · Dance
    · English as a Second Language
    · Music
    · Physical Education
    · Social Studies
    · Theater

People who qualify will be offered an opportunity to pursue licensure as a secondary teacher through COE’s online Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Education (PBCSE) program.  The three-semester online program begins January 2019 through graduation in May 2020.  Note:  Participants must have access to the content area classroom setting required to meet PBCSE requirements. 

Application Process:  Deadline October 1, 2018

Step 1: Individuals must submit an application to UHM and the COE in order to determine their bachelor’s degree content area qualification for the PBCSE program.  For application information, see attached flyer, Grow Our Own Teachers Initiative.  Note:  A school administrator’s recommendation is required.

Step 2: Applicants qualified by the COE for the PBCSE program will be prioritized for scholarship stipend by the DOE as follows:

Priority 1:  Emergency hired teachers in a hard-to-staff school location, whether it is in a DOE school or public charter school (PCS), not yet enrolled in a state-approved teacher education program.  Hard-to-staff locations include:

  • · Hana Complex
    · Keaau Complex
    · Lanai Complex
    · Molokai Complex
    · Kau Complex
    · Nanakuli Complex
    · Pahoa Complex
    · Waianae Complex
  • Priority 2:  Emergency hired teachers not in a Priority 1 hard-to-staff school location, whether it is in a DOE school or PCS, not yet enrolled in a state-approved teacher education program.

    Priority 3:  Substitute teachers and educational assistants in a hard-to-staff school location, whether it is in a DOE school or PCS.

Step 3: DOE to notify applicants of their scholarship stipend eligibility.  Tentative date:  By December 14, 2018.  Note:  Scholarship stipend funds are available for 33 participants.

Three-Year Commitment
Acceptance of scholarship stipend requires the recipient to seek, obtain, and commit to three years as a licensed secondary teacher in the DOE or PCS, in the content area of licensure.

For more information on the PBCSE program requirements and application process, see this flyer or contact the COE’s Office of Student Academic Services at (808) 956-7915 or email osas@hawaii.edu.

For more information on scholarship stipend and three-year commitment, contact Kimberly Hong-Kobayashi, Personnel Specialist, Personnel Development Branch (PDB), at (808) 441-8498 or email kimberly_hong-kobayashi@notes.k12.hi.us.

Author: Keoki Kerr

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