FAQ: How do teachers get paid over the summer?

With summer quickly approaching, you may be wondering how your pay is affected. Do you even get paid?

The answer is yes, and here’s how.

For 10-month teachers, their annual salary is paid throughout the year in 24 equal paychecks starting with the Aug. 20 paycheck and ending with the Aug. 5 paycheck.* Teachers receive paychecks year-round to ensure they receive summer medical benefits coverage as well as retirement service credit for a full 12 months.

The four summer paychecks (June 20, July 5, July 20 and Aug. 5*) are adjusted based on any pay differences that occur during the school year. This could include if you started later in the school year, received a pay raise or reclassification, or were on leave without pay for part of the year, then your summer amount would be impacted. For these reasons, summer pay could be less or more than your last regular paycheck (June 5*) of the school year.

If you happen to resign before the end of the school year, a proration calculation will occur and you will still get some of the pay that would normally be paid in the summer. If you resign from employment prior to the end of the school year, you will receive the remaining pay in one lump sum (School Code #5112). If you resign after the last day of school, you have the option to receive the rest of the regular summer payments or a lump sum. The payment will be issued in the pay period following the DOE’s receipt of an official Form 5 stating separation from service. Please note that resignation will impact health benefits coverage in the summer and retirement credit.

Any changes made to EUTF health premiums will be reflected in the July 20 paycheck. This would include any possible changes to your share of premiums even if you didn't change plans.

For questions about pay, call the DOE Payroll Help Desk at 784-6100, review the FAQs online here or complete the online Payroll Help Desk form for assistance.

Charter school teachers should contact their personnel or payroll staff for assistance.

*Note: The payroll cycle for multi-track teachers is different with the first paycheck of the school year on July 20. The four summer paychecks in this cycle would be May 20, June 5, June 20 and July 5.

Summer work

Please remember that 10-month teachers are not on the clock and cannot be directed to work, attend meetings, trainings or any other work over the summer.

If you are asked to do something and you voluntarily agree, we recommend that you ask for recall pay, which is slightly higher than your daily rate because it is paid at 1/190th of your annual salary.

Oftentimes, the administrator will request that you attend professional development over the summer and offer a stipend. This memo outlines how stipend pay works. 

Make sure you are properly compensated and don’t work for free.

Enjoy your well-deserved summer!