HSTA raises kick in this fall; How to increase your pay further

Teachers in hard-to-staff areas, department and grade-level chairs, librarians, coaches, band and choir directors and others earn supplemental pay

Because of the HSTA's collective work to push for a strong contract, public school teachers will see significant increases in pay this school year. Effective the first day of the second quarter, educators will receive a three-and-a-half percent (3.5%) across-the-board pay raise. That pay increase will show up starting with their Nov. 5 paychecks. In all, there are various raises worth nearly 14 percent over the four years of the contract, which expires in 2021.
Also, this is a great time to move up in pay by reclassifying. Last year was the fifth year of the negotiated 21 hours and 3 credits. Even if teachers haven’t taken any additional professional development credits, as long as they have been teaching more than five years, and are not already Class 7, they can still move up in class and give themselves a raise. Go to PDE3 to learn how.

Note: public charter school teachers may have different processes in their school related to posting of credits and reclassification. Check with your faculty representative or HSTA UniServ Director for more information.

New hires receive a $2,500 incentive after they have achieved tenure. Find more information in the probationary credit section on page 34 of your contract under teaching conditions and hours.  

The HSTA also negotiated an annual pay differential of $3,000 for teachers in eight hard-to-staff geographical areas around the state:

  • Hana Complex
  • Keaau Complex
  • Lanai Complex
  • Molokai Complex
  • Kau Complex
  • Nanakuli Complex
  • Pahoa Complex
  • Waianae Complex

 Teachers who take on additional responsibilities earn these amounts of annual supplemental pay:

  1. Athletic coaches who are Bargaining Unit 5 members receive the amounts specified in HRS 302A-633.6.
  2. Assistant athletic directors who are Bargaining Unit 5 members receive $1,390.
  3. Directors of performing high school bands or orchestras receive $3,750.
  4. Directors of performing intermediate or middle schools bands or orchestras receive $1,875.
  5. Department and grade-level chairs of large schools as defined in the Standard Practices receive $1,295.
  6. Department and grade-level chairs of small schools as defined in the Standard Practices receive $1,045.
  7. Drama coaches (excluding learning center drama coordinators) receive $1,000.
  8. Librarians receive $1,295 if they comply with the July 3, 1997 superintendent's memorandum about librarian differential and library readiness.
  9. Directors of performing chorus or choral groups receive $1,000.
  10. Vocational agricultural teachers with large farms receive $1,250. 
  11. Vocational agricultural teachers with small farms receive $1,000. 
Author: Keoki Kerr