Look for pay hikes in Nov. 5 paycheck

Educators received a 3.5% pay hike in the second quarter

Because of the HSTA's collective work to push for a strong contract, public school teachers will see significant increases in pay this school year. Effective the first day of the second quarter, educators will receive a three-and-a-half percent (3.5%) across-the-board pay raise. Monthly earnings will increase by at least $138 for 10-month, full-time licensed teachers. Below is a quick chart to help teachers find out how much more money you will see each month.  That pay increase will show up starting with your Nov. 5 paychecks.

If you want to see all the salary schedules, please log into the HSTA website at www.hsta.org, schedules can be found on page 80 of the contract and in the members only section under https://www.hsta.org/Members/Salary-Schedules   Effective Oct 15, 2018 salary schedules C and CC have been in effect. 

Author: Keoki Kerr

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