Most educators will see an increase in their next paycheck

A step up on the salary schedule amounts to a three-percent raise

On Oct. 14, the first day of the second quarter, returning educators received a pay increase in the form of a step movement, moving up on the salary schedule.

This amounts to a three-percent raise, which will be reflected in their Nov. 5 paycheck.

Teachers should have received a Notification of Personnel Action (Form 5) from their office or will receive one shortly. Hard copy forms were mailed to schools this week. Check the form for your employee status, class, and step.

Charter schools may have a slightly different form, but should also receive documentation regarding a change in pay.

Teachers already at Step 14B will receive a $1,500 bonus in lieu of a step movement.

Calendar and pay cycles for 10-month multi-track teachers are different. The increase was reflected in their Oct. 5 paychecks.

You are paid on the 5th and 20th day of the month, or the weekday prior if it falls on a weekend or holiday.

For 10-month teachers, your first paycheck of SY 2019–20 was Aug. 20. Your salary is prorated or paid over 24 pay periods over 12 months. This ensures you receive benefits coverage and service credit year-round.

Click here to view digital copies of your full 2017–21 contract. This includes salary schedules as well as the 2019–21 supplemental contract.

Members who register for an online account on HSTA.org can access a breakdown of salary schedule movement here. You must be logged in to view this link.

If you don't have an online account, you can register for one here.


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