We’re looking for someone with a background in design, social media, journalism

The Hawaii State Teachers Association plans to expand its Communications Department by adding a second communications specialist to the staff.

To round out the skillsets of our current three-person communications team, HSTA seeks someone with a strong background in designing and producing infographics and flyers, managing social media, and writing in-depth stories.

Among the essential duties and responsibilities:

  • Gather, write, edit and produce content for a diverse range of communications media.
  • Design, write and coordinate the production and distribution of HSTA collateral pieces.
  • Write and distribute news releases and media kits, and coordinate news conferences.
  • Send out email bulletins to subscribers using email marketing software.
  • Attend meetings and other functions to provide news and/or photographic coverage of those events as appropriate.
  • Maintain an effective and positive relationship with media representatives, union members, and the community.
  • Monitor and edit the HSTA website, social media and other online presence of HSTA to ensure current and accurate content.
  • Proofread, edit, fact check, and verify accuracy of content.

HSTA desires the following experience and education for the communications position:

  • Five years of professional experience in actively writing and disseminating information through various media.
  • Five years of project management experience in public relations, marketing, and/or advertising.
  • Experience using iOS operating system and Apple office suite software.
  • Experience in writing for public relations, news media and/or online media.
  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university with a major in journalism, communications, public relations/marketing, or related field.
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