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Frequently asked questions relating to COVID-19 and schools

The Hawaii State Teachers Association is working hard to ensure that information is being communicated in an accurate and timely manner. We are actively discussing our members' most important concerns with the Hawaii State Department of Education and continue to update our frequently asked questions.

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Latest COVID-19 updates

Hundreds of Leeward teachers raise concerns over lack of consistent safety protocols

About 200 Leeward Oahu educators conducted socially distanced information picketing Tuesday afternoon to raise concerns about a lack of consistent safety protocols and an agreement which would enforce safe practices to keep students, school staff and the community safer during the pandemic. Public school teachers across the state will hold similar informational pickets in the coming days and weeks.

September 15, 2021|COVID-19, News|

HSTA files class grievances over unsafe school conditions, testing mandate

HSTA has filed two class grievances over unsafe working conditions during the pandemic and the state’s directive that unvaccinated education employees must be tested for COVID-19 weekly. Class grievances represent all teachers who have been wronged by action or inaction on the part of the employer.

September 7, 2021|COVID-19, News|
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Hawaii State Department of Education

Resources to supplement student learning

This page contains resources that can be used to support different areas of curriculum. It is intended to provide resources for all ages and skill levels, however not all resources will be appropriate for all students based on their learning level. Read more >

NEA: Creating safe and just schools during COVID-19

To ensure the safety and success of you and your students during the COVID-19 pandemic and long after, the National Education Association has assembled helpful resources to support students’ learning and well-being, professional development, and legal and safety guidance to help educators turn this crisis into an opportunity to build back better. Learn more >

  • Protecting You and Yours: Resources educators and communities can use to create safe, just learning environments and protect ourselves and our families.
  • Supporting Our Students: Develop the skills and strategies you need to support your students and community during the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 official health information

COVID-19 response in Hawaii

The Hawaii State Teachers Association respectfully asks for your patience during this crisis. HSTA leaders and staff are doing their best to provide you with accurate information, but we often don’t have all the answers when you ask. Our leaders have been in frequent touch with top Hawaii State Department of Education officials and continue to offer feedback and advice on various changes. That being said, we sometimes find out about major announcements only when they are made public. We may need to consult with the HIDOE before we can offer you accurate guidance. Mahalo for your dedication and resilience as we continue to advocate for our members and our keiki.

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