The Hawaii State Teachers Association represents all full- and half-time Bargaining Unit 5 teachers across the state. We fight for your needs through contract negotiations, and we're here to protect and support you, especially if your contractual rights are violated.

If you have any questions or need support, a School Level Leader (SLL) can help. HSTA has leadership teams in every school, made up of members as follows:

Faculty Representative (FR)

Faculty Representatives are elected by HSTA members at the school level and serve as the liaison between teachers at the school, chapter and state levels. They are also responsible for promoting membership, involving members in political action, and bringing members' concerns to HSTA's Representative Assembly (RA) and state Board of Directors. RAs are held monthly at each school.

Grievance Representative (GR)

Grievance Representatives are appointed by a school's respective HSTA UniServ Director. They work to ensure contracts are properly implemented and assist members with grievances. GRs go through detailed training and are committed to ensuring teachers' rights are protected.

Association Policy Committee (APC)

The Association Policy Committee is contractually established to problem solve at each school. APC members are elected by HSTA members at the school level and work with Faculty and Grievance representatives to discuss issues, concerns and activities.

The names of your school level leadership can be found on the HSTA bulletin board in your school.

UniServ Directors (UDs)

HSTA also employs UniServ Directors who serve as consultants and advisers to school level leadership teams. Their duties include:

  • Promoting teacher advocacy through contract enforcement, which includes grievances up to and through arbitration, investigations and negotiations,
  • Developing and/or executing HSTA programs and activities for new members,
  • Developing and/or executing HSTA political action, community/public relations, legislative support, and professional development activities and programs,
  • Improving and maintaining the organizational health of HSTA through leadership training and development, internal communications, business management, and conflict resolution, and
  • Coordinating and advocating national and state association priorities with members.

Click here to find the UD for your school. You must be an active HSTA member and have a registered account to view this link.

Featured photo provided by Raechelle Villanueva, Waialae Elementary Public Charter School teacher and HSTA Faculty Representative.