BOE approves federal funding for summer learning loss programs

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The Hawaii Board of Education Thursday approved a plan to spend up to $58 million in federal pandemic aid funds on summer learning loss programs, transportation, food service, and student computer devices for the next two summers.

Submit testimony to BOE by Wednesday to restore school-level budgets, positions, salaries

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Join us in asking the Board of Education to prioritize restoring all cuts to the weighted student formula (WSF) and special education per-pupil allocation (SPPA), which would eliminate the need for layoffs of any HIDOE employees, including all teachers. HSTA will further ask HIDOE to follow the law by using federal stimulus funding to avoid future pay cuts.

Congressional stimulus includes $54+ billion for public schools

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To fully understand the impacts this relief bill will have on Hawaii’s schools, we are moving our live stream Q&A session from today to Monday, Dec. 28, at 4 p.m. on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.

Billions in federal stimulus for schools could help Hawaii avoid furloughs, cuts

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Congressional leaders Thursday closed in on a $900 billion stimulus deal that includes more than $54 billion worth of aid for public schools, funds that Hawaii could use to stop or lessen the effects of furloughs scheduled to start in January and millions worth of public school cuts that could take effect next school year.

Lawmakers’ short-term plan will avoid state employee pay cuts

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The chairs of the state Senate Ways and Means and state House Finance committees say they believe they can balance the state budget that’s been hit hard by a lack of tourism during the coronavirus, without having to reduce public employees’ pay in the months ahead.

Hawaii business leaders caution against cutting government employees’ pay

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Successful Hawaii developer and well-known business leader Stanford Carr spoke out Wednesday against state worker pay cuts floated earlier this month by the administration of Gov. David Ige.

Pay cuts less likely as Congress poised to give states more federal aid

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Pay cuts for Hawaii state employees seem less likely after a new $470 billion coronavirus relief plan appeared ready for Congressional approval, while the president said further aid to state and localities would be discussed as part of the next aid package.

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