#StopAsianHate: HSTA continues to fight racially charged violence, hate speech, xenophobia

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We are incredibly disappointed to have to speak out yet again — less than a year later — to denounce the violence, hate speech, xenophobia, and other acts of discrimination that continue to occur across our country, this time against Asian communities.

Join HSTA’s HCR Committee to discuss systemic racism in Hawaii’s schools and communities

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On Wednesday, June 24, from 4–6 p.m., we invite fellow members to join us for a listening session to reflect on these issues, share your thoughts, and generate ideas for change.

‘I am not a virus.’ NEA APIC responds to bias against Asian, Pacific Islander community

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“These events have many of us angry, hurt, and afraid—for ourselves, for our loved ones, and for our community. Ultimately, we need to figure out how this will be remembered, how we took a stand, and how we rebuild our larger communities.”

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