Celebrate Juneteenth with resources for educators

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HSTA President Osa Tui, Jr., said, “While we celebrate the history of our country with a holiday like Independence Day later this summer, it is important that we also recognize that our country has its roots based upon the exploitation of human slavery and indentured servitude. Education is the cornerstone of our democracy and making sure that we keep ourselves fully aware of our past helps to ensure that we don’t make those same mistakes in the future.”

Celebrate Black History Month with HSTA

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On Saturday, Feb. 12, the HSTA Human and Civil Rights (HCR) Committee invites fellow educators to a virtual gathering to share Black History Month resources. Join us for an overview of these resources and how to share them with your students.

Committee to support new educators added to HSTA’s permanent roster

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Member delegates voted last month to make the Supporting Hawaii’s New Educators (SHiNE) ad hoc committee a standing committee at the HSTA’s 50th annual Convention at the Hawaiʻi Convention Center.

NEA website redesign offers easier access to professional learning resources

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The NEA has been working to update and consolidation its professional learning resources. You no longer need several bookmarks to find high-quality professional learning opportunities.

HSTA’s open letter to the Hawaiʻi public school community

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We know our public schools serve as not only hubs of learning, but as safe spaces that provide much-needed stability for our keiki. The recent coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has fractured this stability, and we are working hard to pick up the pieces.

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