If you began receiving a shortage differential in the spring, you will see changes in your summer pay

With summer in full swing and the first of four summer paychecks for 10-month employees posting Friday, here’s a special alert for those who receive shortage differentials.

The four summer paychecks (June 20, July 5, July 20 and Aug. 5*) are adjusted based on any pay differences that occur during the school year. For instance, if you started partway through the school year, received a pay raise or reclassification, or were on leave without pay for part of the year, then your summer amount would be impacted. For these reasons, your summer pay could be less or more than your last regular paycheck (June 5*) of the school year.

For those who have been receiving the shortage differentials for special education, Hawaiian language immersion, and hard-to-staff, you have received additional pay in your check since January.

Starting this Friday, you will see a drop in your differential pay for the June 20, July 5, July 20, and Aug. 5 paychecks. This decrease is a result of the differential only being payable for half of the year, and you have already been paid a large portion of the differential.

Scroll to the bottom of this post to view HSTA’s charts that illustrate, based on your shortage differential amount, what you can expect to see in the next four paychecks. You can also download the full PDF here.

In addition, any changes made to EUTF health premiums will be reflected in the July 20 paycheck. This would include any possible changes to your share of premiums, even if you didn’t change plans.

Click here for more information on how summer pay works

Many are inquiring if the shortage differentials will continue into the new school year. Our understanding is the Hawaii State Department of Education is planning to continue to pay them. The HIDOE recently issued this memo that outlines criteria for shortage differentials for the 2020–21 school year.

However, additional funding has not been allocated for the cost. There is a funding bill that is still alive in the Legislature (which currently includes charter schools funding for shortage differentials). State lawmakers go back into session next week, but given the current economic situation, we do not know if the bill will pass and the funding will be appropriated. In addition, the HIDOE is seeking the possibility of utilizing CARES Act money to continue the shortage differentials. As we get status updates and information changes, we will alert members as soon as possible.

All HIDOE-funded teachers who are slated for positions in which they would meet qualifications for shortage differentials in SY 2020–21 should have seen the differential reflected in their recently issued personnel action forms (Form 5).

For HIDOE questions about pay, employees need to utilize the HIDOE’s ServiceNow system for assistance. This post provides more information.

Charter school teachers should contact their personnel or payroll staff for assistance.

*Note: The payroll cycle for multi-track teachers is different with the first paycheck of the school year on July 20. The four summer paychecks in this cycle would be May 20, June 5, June 20 and July 5.

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