Make sure the Hawaii State Teachers Association and the National Education Association are able to contact you so you don't miss out on important updates and information!

Normally the HSTA works through our faculty representatives to collect updates from members regarding their contact information on an annual basis through a paper process.

Now, the NEA edCommunities online platform allows you to update your contact information at your convenience through a secure member database that tracks members’ data across any NEA-affiliated school district employment.

If you have not already done so, please create an account on NEA edCommunities and ensure your information, especially your mailing address, is up to date. Important information will be sent to the addresses on file, e.g., voter information for our HSTA elections in February, and contract negotiations and ratification.

Please note: Updating your personal email address in edCommunities will not change the email address you use to subscribe to HSTA’s weekly Member Matters email newsletter. Click here for instructions on how to update your Member Matters email subscription.

How to access NEA edCommunities

Create a profile using the NEA360 member portal.

  1. Go to Click on the Register for Access button.
  2. Enter your information and click Register.
  3. A verification message will be sent to your email.

If you already have a profile, log in with your credentials.

Once you are logged in, update your personal information.

  1. Click on My Profile in the navigation bar, then click on the Edit Personal Information button.
  2. Update each field in the following sections: Personal Information, Mailing Information, and Email and Phone Number.
  3. Click the Save/Close button on the bottom of the page.

If you need further assistance, please submit a contact form here.

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Connect and collaborate on NEA edCommunities

NEA edCommunities allows you to join forces with fellow educators from across the country. Share your strengths and exchange ideas and resources with others who are passionate about our public schools and a student-centered education agenda.

Join groups that address today’s most relevant education-related topics or start your own! Access free, high-quality online learning events and thousands of resources to create custom learning tools.

Need help getting started? Download a user guide here.

Download an instructional flyer